10 Most Powerful Mastiff Dog Breeds
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10 Most Powerful Mastiff Dog Breeds

Majestic. Massive. Muscular.

Mastiffs are among some of the oldest breeds known to humans.

They feature in legend, as well as recorded history, and were among the first canines to accompany humans on their migrations across the globe.

Mastiffs have been used as guard dogs, war dogs, and fighting dogs throughout the ages.

The mastiff family is full of powerful breeds, each with its own unique personality.

Today, they come from all over the world, and although they are similar to each other in many ways, each has subtle differences due to where it originated and the purpose it was bred for.

In this video, we have listed 10 of them that are Most Powerful and Most Similar to their Ancient Ancestors

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36 Thoughts to “10 Most Powerful Mastiff Dog Breeds”

  1. AleX* GaminG*

    Turkish mastiff

  2. Sadiq Mirza

    Why isnt the rottie included in the list?

  3. brandon baca

    Dogo Argentino?

  4. pcad2

    Pretty content with my American bulldog. Also a mastiff. Not the most powerful but great dog

  5. Dorran Robinson

    Rottweliers r mastiff breeds too..onces use by the roman army way bck to watch cattle in wars .and watch while they sleep..

  6. James Reiter

    Cane Corso. Most balanced breed. Beautiful head structure.

  7. NDL

    Where is the pakistani mastiff(bully kutta)


    What about brazilian mastiff????

  9. lee goulden

    Boerboel strongest and most agile of mastiffs bred for harsh african terrain, very high pain threshold ridiculous strength and super loyal amazing breed.

  10. Kapil Bhardwaj

    Cane corso

  11. מוטי אהרן

    Mastiff family are huge, there is more then only 10 powerful Masttif, let’s remind us some of them that not on the video:

    Aksaray Malaklisi AKA Turkish Masttif

    St. Bernard AKA Alpini Mastiff

    Alabai AKA Central Asian Shepherd/Mastiff

    Caucasian shepherd/Mastiff

    Kangal AKA Karabash AKA Anatolian Shepherd/Mastiff

    Sarabi AKA Iranian Shepherd/Mastiff

    Bully Kutta AKA Pakistani/Indiani Masttif

    Dogo Argentino AKA Argentinian Masstiff

    Fila Brazilero AKA Brazilian Mastiff

    Dosa Inu AKA Korean Mastiff

    Rottweiler AKA German Masttif

    Great Dane AKA German Masttif

    Leonberger AKA German Masttif

    dogo Guatamalentco

    Dogo Brazilero

  12. Sandra Hill

    Italian Mastiff

  13. Kotd 9

    5:23 I was gonna ask if an american akita was bigger than a tosa inu but then I just realized it literally has ‘american’ in the name so its not a japanese breed

  14. Adam Mahomed

    What about the sahrabi and Brazilian mastiff

  15. MVilla MV

    What about the German mastiff
    The Great Dane

  16. Ryan Pendzik

    Mastiff breed types are ancient and awesome my favorite is the Rottweilers

  17. rhynston gomes

    Cane corsos are the best

  18. Stick18

    2:27 Lol they did not breed that chubby un athletic modern day Bulldog into the Bullmastiff

    4:09 That’s a Hyper Ass Boxer Cross 🤣

    Modern day Neos at 1? I don’t think so those dogs get gray muzzles at 4 years old their lifespan is terrible

  19. Serpil Vorner

    Where is the kangal it’s a mastiff I even looked it up it’s super strong so yah you missed one

  20. Melvin Chavers

    South African Boerboel
    Neapolitan Mastiff
    Presa Canario
    Tibetan Mastiff
    Spanish Mastiff
    Brazilian Mastiff
    The “mastiff” family tree is huge.

  21. Colman Tieszen

    Bull Mastiff where bred not to bite unless they need to

  22. Nestor Espinoza

    If the Bandog is not on this list, then the list is not accurate! 💀🤷🏽‍♂️

  23. Explore The Wild

    Rottweiler is also from mastiff family

  24. ПЕСА ТАВ-В

    КЛАСС !

  25. xXChristianXx

    Bull mastiff

  26. Andrei Pirvan

    Umm…You know that rottweilers are mastiffs ?

  27. Charles Furtado

    Thanks for the video on my suggestion


    Our Xmas cock is also powerful, looking for more hands to take it down on this Xmas plz…

  29. Cyndi Nelson

    What about the Brazilian mastiff? The Fila Brasileiro.

  30. Mr. Frank

    Hit like for tibetan mastif

  31. Nicholai France

    Wow 😱😱😱

  32. Malcolm 1466

    Perfectly balanced
    As all things should be

  33. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, Which one of these Mastiff Dogs You like the Most ?

  34. Not Goofier

    First lol and love the videos

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