10 Most Liked Dogs by the Richest
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10 Most Liked Dogs by the Richest

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s probable that you’re partial to the way a certain breed looks
In this video, we have put together a list of the 10 Beautiful dog breeds that are most liked by celebrities and the richest, based on general Statistics from all over the world. Maybe your favorite dog made the list!

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35 Thoughts to “10 Most Liked Dogs by the Richest”

  1. 222ali dom XXX

    I like all dogs.

  2. Animal Lover162

    I have a white and black rust doberman

  3. BrunoACFernandes

    Most of the footage pertaining to the English Cocker Spaniel is of American Cocker Spaniels… 🙄

  4. Paul Wilson

    i thought the rich people loves guard dogs to guard their properties…im a little bit surprise with this video…

  5. AB family

    I have a shih Tzu her name is cookie

  6. Mitu Mitu

    I remmebrr when u used to do vids with comparing breeds with starts /5

  7. Mihaly Csontos

    * Beautiful ! * Thanks ! *
    > Congratulations ! < 😉

  8. شکرالله رفیعی

    Thanks for video

  9. Rebecca Dew

    caviler king charel spaniel for the win yessssssssssssssssss i have one ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂


    I have an amstaff

  11. Aimee Frorland

    I had a English cocker spaniel named JOE COCKER,,

  12. Gabe the goldador

    Only like Great Dane, Doberman, and Weimaraner

  13. The Last Mohican

    No samoyed, newfie, saint bernard, or akita?
    Beautiful and elegant breeds plus pricey

  14. Emmanuel Ndubuisi

    Please add golden and lab thanks

  15. Andjela Cirovic

    What about pomeranian?

  16. Ezaan Champ

    Please Upload More Informations

  17. ⌠ ά7ţώєэţќ ⌡

    Allah hates dogs. In Islam they’re forbidden and considered filthy and demonic

  18. Nicholas Passoni

    I have two dogs miniature poodle and Havanese their my family dogs, but in the future I want to own a cane corso,dalmatian ,groandale Belgium shepherd, newfoundland

  19. Beatrice Cavadini


  20. family torrres

    I love dis vid

  21. Semonette Williams

    Please do the biggest dog

  22. Eddy Key

    the only good dog of those is dobermann

  23. Christine Howard

    I have a toy poodle and American Stafford Terrier the Alterative a Rottie I have had them most of my life

  24. Rodrigo Palacios

    Viral be!!!!!!

  25. Bishayan Paul

    I am your fan from 6years now I am a 11years old child

  26. princeumar20.09

    yo man lets be friends 8DiD

  27. Nautical Natalie

    Hello 8th

  28. Bishayan Paul

    Nice going viralbe

  29. Dark_ Playz

    Ive been a fan for so many years (about 3)

  30. Aguante BOCA

    Que se yo , te banco a muerte capo

  31. Chloe Playzgames


  32. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, What breed of dog do you have and what would be the other alternative ?

  33. Bishayan Paul

    Please give me your phone no. Please

  34. Bishayan Paul

    Very good

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