10 Most Intimidating Dogs To Frighten Intruders

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10 Most Intimidating Dogs To Frighten Intruders

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One of the reasons people trust dogs is because canines are highly capable of protecting them and their property.
Guard and protection dogs are scary dogs alright, but they are indispensable and a significant asset to people.
Those who have criminal intent are always afraid of encroaching on property that has dogs that are more
than ready to defend their turf and family.
In this video, we have listed 10 dog breeds which are Most intimidating yet keen and capable of being Amazing protection breeds.

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85 Thoughts to “10 Most Intimidating Dogs To Frighten Intruders”

  1. Christian Peachey


  2. Roman BFM

    kangal, Tibetan Mastiff, Bully Kutta, tosa Inu, and banned dogs just to name a few that are much more intimidating than a dog de Bordeaux

  3. Adam Shan

    Ever heard of Tibetan Mastiff

  4. Marlena Falcon

    Our two dogs (lab and pit) dont even let stranger into the driveway and you missed the german Shepard Belgian m dutch shepard and kangal

  5. Damian Krzysciak

    Where is kangal and alabai?

  6. Animal Kind

    Nice video

  7. Steve Sharp

    American bulldog the Johnson breed not the scott

  8. Grzegorz Piechowski

    No you got them all

  9. Ralphruhl3

    And the Alabai , the Fila , Tosa Inu , Kangal , Transmontano Mastiff , Bully Kutta , Neapolitan Mastiff , Karakachan , other giant agressive breeds?

  10. Praise Gbemudu

    You missed the ultimate German Shepherd

  11. Deanne Paola Soderlind

    German shepherd, Belgian Malinois, kangal.

  12. carl Johnson jr

    Forgot the kangal

  13. thatfrenchcanadian

    Honestly, Rotties and corso can gives chills just by staring you straight in the eyes. Rottweiler is probably the last thing and intruder wants to face in a property.

  14. DZG DZG

    It’s not said kejn korso it is kane korso

  15. Melvin Chavers

    Doberman Pinscher
    Presa Canario
    Caucasian Shepherd
    Central Asian Shepherd

  16. Mo studio

    You missed the Great Dane

  17. John Shepherd

    A minority of dogs of any breed will actually go to the mat for you. They will display but seldom attack unless trained to do so. I had a small female Redtick Coonhound who would defend the house and family against intruders and the breed would never make any list of protection dogs.

    Most criminals are deterred by any dog more so by the potential for disturbance than actual threat but size does matter. A friend came home from work one day to find the cops all over the block. A smash and grab ring had hit the block. Cop asks him which was his house. He points to the only house not hit. The cop laughs. He had two Newfies.

    Finally, the Presa Canario is one the few truly dangerous dog breeds. One started to get aggressive with my Plott hound. The person taking care of the dog never saw me reach for my pistol. I was seconds from shooting it.

  18. Eddy Key

    kangal, tibetan mastiff , bully kutta , german shepherd and counting…

  19. Manikandan. A Mani

    APBT is the best dog

  20. Hello Gourav

    You missed Kangal

  21. Rahul singh

    Boerboel.and pitt bull

  22. Amanda Jefimova

    I have dorberman cane corso and toy puddle

  23. Roman

    *ViralBe* I Subbed Can You Return The Favour?

  24. Roman

    *ViralBe* I Subbed Can You Return The Favour?

  25. Miroslav Micic

    Alabai no.1, kurdish kangal 2, caucasian shepard 3, and then dogo canario, german shepard and others breeds in video

  26. Cohen Chesser

    English Mastiff. Looks terrifying, won’t hurt a fly. Just hope the intruder doesn’t test it. However, if someone hurts you while your English Mastiff is there, they had better get running

  27. Alex Fry

    The Belgian Malinois is intimidating

  28. Mayank Kapoor

    Alabai dogs

  29. lee goulden

    Boerboel are amazing guard dogs

  30. Elizabeth70992

    Great video 😻👌🏻😍 but u forget about Neapolitan mastiff, Kangal, Alabai

  31. Brother Jahn


  32. J Martinez

    German Shepherd, Alabai,Kangal,tosa Inu, American Akita, to name a few. But in order to get all the dogs of the world would be an hour long video! There’s so many breeds of dogs that make great guard and protection dogs it’s crazy! All and all this video is pretty accurate despite the few that were missed!!

  33. Jack Edwards

    German Shepard is bigger and stronger than Doberman pinchers

  34. Mariah Dedeaux

    You forgot German shepherd dog and Belgian malionis

  35. Nisrin Yacoub

    german sheperd

  36. Hugo Oliveira

    Hi, i’m a portuguese guy and we have some good stuff as intimidating dog breeds as the Fila of São Miguel ( Saint Miguel), rafeiro alentejano, transmountain cattle dog, dog of serra da Estrela and these are the most intimidating dogs that i remember from Portugal, not critisising, but you american guys allwais show the same dogs. Wide your horizonts to other great dog breeds and give other countrys a good chance. I’m not critisising just giving my opinion, and sorry for my bad inglish

  37. παναγιωτης φιλιππου


  38. Parvinder

    BULLY KUTTA also very nice Family Guard Dog , Real Fighter Mastiff is able to beat all the dog breeds in your List

  39. esake fikadu

    what about german shepherd man

  40. Lucas Viera

    Good one, just to mention not a single one of the dogs shown are APBT’s, they’re mixed race dogs,
    In the standard APBT agressiveness tourch humans its something you DONT want, and you wont breed that dog, the APBT are friendly even to a complete stranger, other then that, good video

  41. jaze sam

    fila brasileiro

  42. Youssef Ashmawy

    You did miss gsd german shepherd dog

  43. sophia guzman

    You missed the malinois, german shepherd, kangal shepherd, wolfdog hybrids, and lastly a Irish wolfhound. I think those breeds are very intimidating!

  44. Kira Woodcock

    I want them all

  45. Shermani King

    Doberman is the best guard dog

  46. Lucy queen

    All of those breeds look really intimidating, really good choices! Can you also make a video 10 fluffiest dog breeds?

  47. Luke McGee

    Not the the best list viralbe

  48. Lori Love

    Dobermans are great my favorite ♥️

  49. Gautam singh

    Where is indian mastiff(Pakistani bully).. the dog which is handled by 2 person at a time

  50. Koen 145

    No GSD?? Disappointing.

  51. AquariusRising

    My 3 month old German Shepherd puppy is the first one out the door when one of my other packmates begin to bark. I think she is going to be an awesome protector.

  52. Valentina Francescon

    you missed a german shepherd

  53. Erik Maya

    Kangals are pretty intimidating

  54. Rian Jenneke

    proud to have a boerboel and a pitbull

  55. Kaushik Baidya

    Where is boxer

  56. Chiru Jason

    Alabai Caucasian overchaka should be top


    German shepherd

  58. Pro Gamer

    American Akita?

  59. Warren Carter

    The Neopolitan Mastiff

  60. Michael Brinkman

    Boerboel is the right choice, with all that muscle and one of the highest bite forces…very intimidating!

  61. Hinchy1a

    The 17th Century is not the 1700’s 🤦🏼‍♂️

  62. Nikunj Rath


  63. jb17x2222 -

    I have Doberman and Staffordshire bull terrier

  64. Mr Mel Gaza Free D King&friends

    The Neo and the ban dog should be on this list

  65. ElephantElephant ElephantElephant

    *ViralBe* I like your video

  66. ElephantElephant ElephantElephant

    *ViralBe* I like your video

  67. ElephantElephant ElephantElephant

    *ViralBe* I like your video

  68. Arpith Shaju

    Gsd gone any shopping bro

  69. veer Veer

    Where is KANGAL???

  70. Rhyan Jay Canedo Gimenez

    German Shepherd is Maybe most intimidating Dogs to frighten to Intruders.

  71. messi ronlado

    Yobs beacoroan

  72. D l reddy Reddy

    I love ur channel

  73. Venøm warrïór

    Cane corso lover…❤️

  74. Kaleb Green

    Anatolian shepherd

  75. Jaheim Bruce

    U forgot the american bulldog and german shepherd

  76. Anthony Maldonado


  77. HeyItsMe

    hello there friend lez6

  78. Peter Harper

    Good topic 👍

  79. Legendary User

    you are the best subbed and leaved a like

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