10 Most Energetic Dog Breeds Out There
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10 Most Energetic Dog Breeds Out There

Determining what type of dog to get can be difficult: aside from the cuteness factor, there are a lot of breed and personality traits to be considered when finding a perfect match.

If you lead a very active lifestyle — or have kids who can’t stop moving! — a pup with high energy may be a perfect fit.

In this video, we have listed 10 of the most energetic breeds out there.

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21 Thoughts to “10 Most Energetic Dog Breeds Out There”

  1. Dominique Culton

    Belgian malinois should be on here they are very energetic

  2. Egolf Andenmatten

    This list without the malinois is ridiculous…..

  3. Aris Simion

    Doberman are very energetic dogs.
    The are amazing dogs who love to run.

  4. Raj Singh

    Rottweiler to

  5. Lucas Escalera

    Honestly German shepherd and Belgian malinois should be on this list. Belgian malinois should be number 1

  6. mikey fiftythree

    There are many others that can easily run with these ten, the Australian Cattle Dog and the Belgian Shepherd are just two that immediately come to mind.

  7. Perez Baiyekusi

    Dogs are the best ,they are so cute and cool

  8. Ashwit Dharmalingam

    I love Dogs 💖🐶


    Hi bro what’s up

  10. Crxckedxbl

    yup siberian husky I have a tamaskan which is a cross of German shepherd,malamute,and husky she is the most energetic dog ever.

  11. Anton Ahlberg

    You missed nova scotia duck toling reteriver

  12. Subhan The xXLIGHTXx

    Bro weres pitbull?

  13. Frustrated GUY

    Malinois are most energetic….

  14. Dano Worldwide

    Where is the setter

  15. Me To The Moon

    *My dog ​​started sleeping 10 seconds ago and he is already dreaming.*

  16. Me To The Moon

    Our animals are wonderful they never judge us, and always love us.

  17. Ebbe Bergman

    Can you do top 10 short legged hunting dogs.

  18. Kay Hill

    1000 subscribers challenge please help

  19. Shrek is love Shrek is life

    Can you do 10 fastest gaurd dog breeds

  20. Angelica Zavalagp


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