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Yet, using dogs to assist the military is far from new, with accounts of dogs being used for such purposes going as far back as 600 B.C. to a battle in ancient Greece between Alyattes, King of Lydia, and the Cimmerians.

Over the centuries, military working dogs have been used in many different roles, including attack dogs, communications dogs, sentries, mascots, detection, and tracking dogs, and controversially, for medical research.

Contemporary military working dogs are often deployed as guard dogs, for drug and explosive detection, as patrol dogs, and in military law enforcement roles.

In this episode, we’ve listed The Top 10 military working dog breeds.

00:00 – Intro
00:45 – English Mastiff
01:24 – Labrador Retriever
02:02 – Airedale Terrier
02:52 – Boxer
03:18 – Giant Schnauzer
03:55 – Rottweiler
04:22 – Doberman Pinscher
05:01 – German Shepherd
03:51 – Belgian Malinois
06:12 – Dutch Shepherd
06:46 – Question

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33 Thoughts to “10 MILITARY DOG BREEDS”

  1. Lum Ymeri

    Old Mastiff is the Molossian Dog, today they are mostly in Mirdita, Albania

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    Can you do a video of German Shepherd VS. Welsh Corgi I really want to see who wins

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    Lettuce! Is What I’d Name Him

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    GSD love

  6. Wagging Tails Dog Training

    This is such an awesome video, I learned so much!

  7. David Morgan

    That’s super trooper

  8. Mary Margaret Pitt

    You missed the war dog of France…..the Briard!

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  10. Ghost

    Name him sniper.

  11. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    Police dog breeds and security dog breeds also personal protection dog breeds

  12. ody.Polaya

    In the 1st Military Dogs Video and this one Boxers taken 7th place 😍❤️ German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois fallen by 1 😑❤️ and Labrador Retrievers took the 9th place in these two videos 😍❤️

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    I would name that German Shepherd puppy, Ranger

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    English bulldog. Chesty! Marine corps!

  16. Arshh Amyrah

    German. Shepherd all. Day. Everyday

  17. Sparkey Aguilera

    Please please please Im going camping soon. Top 10 camping dog breeds.

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    The background colours aren’t good. I keep thinking its Japan’s flag.

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  20. Judith Ree Jones

    GI Doo

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    Malinois all day everyday

  22. Sparkey Aguilera

    Top 10 Camping dog breeds please.


    And know can you pls make a video on that that a teenager or a kid or adult can handle a Rottweiler? If they are new owners pls


    I really love ❤️ the way that how you gave a lot of knowledge about military dogs I can’t get that much knowledge in some mins but after watching your video I got all knowledge tysm ❤️❤️

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    I love military dogs

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    Was waiting for this video

  28. Anirudh Yadav

    Was waiting for this video

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