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Russia is the largest country in the world, covering 11 different time zones.
This gives plenty of space for different dog breeds to develop and there are certainly plenty.
Each breed was uniquely created to survive in the harsh Russian climate and they all serve various purposes. In this video, we have listed 10 Insane Russian Dog Breeds. We hope you enjoyed it 🙏

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  1. Payam Behtash

    you didn’t mention Russia’s most famous dog like CS then introduced Salukie(Persian hound) as Russian?!!! you’ve picked a great field to work!!!

  2. Akash Gupta

    Siberian husky

  3. Pravin Naidu


  4. Nestor Marte

    What kind of list is this???left out some of the best breeds..smh

  5. Don Hanson

    The Eastern European Shepherds has been known to be used by the KGB, FSB, and Spetsnaz. It is a Larger more powerful cousin of the German shepherd.

  6. Nate Smith

    I have a Black Russian Terrier

  7. Louis Matassa

    Amazing 🐕!

  8. shokooh f

    nic, i didn’t know that i can put russian before any doges name and it turnes to russian🤔

  9. Dustin Chambers

    Where’s the two dogs in the thumbnail? I was tryna find out what dog looks like a polar bear…


    I have a Caucasian Shepherd so I’m particularly partial to the Watchdog.

  11. Kitty Kitty

    The tumbnail is NOT a dog it’s a horse.

  12. Miss.Scales & friends

    Borzoi and Black Russian Terrier are my favorites for sure!!

  13. pickelrick 1

    *in soviat Russia dogs breads you*

  14. JRX Busted


  15. Judiel Díaz

    *looks at thumbnail*
    Holy crap, that’s menacing
    *After watching the video*
    I was wrong

  16. מוטי אהרן

    1 vs 1 matches will be in future or not?! You don’t see you have less views then before, bring back the 1 vs 1 matches….

  17. Manoj Bhardwaj

    What about Ovcharka???

  18. Prakash Gogoi

    Siberian Husky

  19. Prakash Gogoi

    Siberian Huski

  20. OV I

    You are wrong my friend. Canada is the largest country in the world. Russia is second

  21. ali baba

    Can you make a Video about persian breeds

  22. Alexis Ryuun

    the husky and borzoi are my favorites, my boy is a husky mix, he also has boxer and gsd in him so he’s truly a Russian/german mutt

  23. jeff chase

    Humm my boy is scary strong broken all his choke chains but friendly

  24. Andrei Pirvan

    *Where is the Caucasian shepherd he is the national country dog*

  25. محمد عباسی بوکانی

    Hello. Please introduce Pejdar Dog Breed.

  26. Levon Manvelyan

    Western shepherd

  27. Annalisa Kite

    I have 2 Siberian Huskies so they are my favourite breed, with the Samoyed a close second.

  28. kajman911

    Vostochnoevropejskaya Ovcharka?
    South Russian Ovcharka?

  29. nadavos gama

    Could you do a video about dogs and wild dogs hybrid

  30. Levente AS

    Siberian Husky is my favourite Russian spitz dog breed!🤗🤗🤗

  31. Devesh Ajamire

    Plz make video on colder weather dog with can easy live in hot weather

  32. Amancherla Pranav Sarath Pranav

    Please upload top 10 German and Scottish dog breeds

  33. Saif Mobarak

    Borzoi is an egyptian dog😉😉

  34. Bhavisha Gandhi

    What about kangal

  35. Андрей Дубовик

    Где восточно эвропейская овчарка

  36. reg profant

    Two dogs on front page aren’t Russian? What are they

  37. Burim Kzyeziu


  38. Wylie Yates

    The Sammy is a fantastic dog. Smart, friendly, and a great alert watch dog.

  39. Dregeons Heart

    Almost all the popular dog breeds r from Russia 😅

  40. ANDERS

    The black terrier

  41. Shannon Stevens

    Black Russian Terrier

  42. Melvin Dewalt

    Waste of time 5:18

  43. L L

    I had a husky and he was awesome!

  44. Shivon Callicut

    Husky + toy =Huskoy

  45. Illidano

    Where is Ovcharka??

  46. Nick 11 md

    Where is Alabai and Caucasian shepherd?

  47. Pitayas RN

    I have 2 Samoyeds.
    Love theys!!!🐺🐺

  48. Павел С

    1.Husky 2.Samoyed 3.Laika

  49. Bill Johnson

    Shibein haskey looks like wolfs

  50. Manthan Shirodkar

    Bring Indian breeds

  51. imperial rottweiler

    Make tiger vs lion please

  52. Andra SRB

    Where is Alabai?

  53. Shpendi Go

    I have a Siberian Husky and i love him ❤️🐕

  54. Simone Barnes

    sooo basically……. the Russians just ” Russianized” every dog breed…

  55. Melvin Chavers

    Black Russian Terrier

  56. Mario Simonovski

    I love evrey dog

  57. Rut 082006

    Where is the Putin’s bear?

  58. Micky Deloach

    The Samoyed !!

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