10 Dogs That Will Stand By Your Side (No Matter What)
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10 Dogs That Will Stand By Your Side (No Matter What)

For about as long as humans have been sharing cuddles with doggos, we’ve been obsessed with discovering the most loyal dog breeds.

We just love a doggo that can love us right back, and there are some breeds who are happy to step into the role of a most loyal companion.

According to the experts, these are the puppers who will pick us out of a crowd, follow us to the ends of the earth.

In this video, we have listed the 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds That Will Stand By Your Side (No Matter What)

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91 Thoughts to “10 Dogs That Will Stand By Your Side (No Matter What)”

  1. Exotic Cave

    Dachshund,my opinion 😁

  2. Gem Reyes

    Belgian Malinois😊

  3. janice blake

    Belgian Malinois ❤

  4. Wolf Pup

    Golden retriever

  5. Jeannine Guenther

    It should have said Collie and border collie not just collie. Two different dogs

  6. احمد العوده

    Kangal is the best…

  7. G. Singh1

    Cane Corso

  8. Derick Welch

    Cane corso, American bulldog

  9. Morti Hernandez Mora

    In costa rica for me is1 boxer but very strong 2 rotweiller but very strong big 3 sheppar lion german

  10. Rhyan Jay Canedo Gimenez

    3:11: Now u knew this Dog would be on the List did u?


  11. debracannon37

    Siberian husky

  12. Jeffery Schirm

    Sorry but very few collies are game , no matter what their born and bred barkers !

  13. Kelly Green

    CHOW CHOW. Protective over family and “dog whisperer types of ppl” And protective of our other dog, a rescue lab/Newfoundland mix among a few other mixes I’m sure. I like the fun facts and comments too. Ty!

  14. Amelia Dyer

    Cane corso
    German shepherd

  15. Luvuyo Zwane

    You missed the Dogo Argentino it a very l dog

  16. Matt Taylor

    Jack Russell and Belguin Malinois

  17. fred daniels

    Bull mastiff

  18. Nonalph Sadraw

    A belgian shepherd

  19. Summer Ho

    Retriever and lab and lab retriever

  20. Comical Noob

    Akita inu❤❤❤🐶

  21. Nicolette Simmons

    Have had 5 Akitas now-luv,luv,luv this breed!

  22. Cristie Harris

    We had a Germansherberd

  23. Comical Noob

    Akita inu is like the best fucking dog ever👑🐶

  24. Victoria Larkin

    We have 1 German Shepherd, two pit bulls and a Dogo Argentino. So I would like to add the Dogo Argentino.

  25. David Ilijevski

    I dont think the saint bernard is protecting anybody.

  26. URIEL BP

    No matter what ? Do you think a Golden , Collie, will do something if someone attacks you ? Maybe they bark . Real life: A Puma tried to attack a child in Argentina and a dog called Morocho killed the Puma, it’s was a Dogo Argentino .

    I think you should make a video of 10 dogs that will better protect you physically and the best dogs that will help the best people with emotional problems.

  27. Karen Britell

    Where are the hounds? Beagles are people dogs!

  28. Defan Durand

    What about a gray dane

  29. Emzy Shady

    Belgian melanoise

  30. SocialBounty Make Money App

    i like your content lets me friends dnUt

  31. Despair

    Any dog breed is always loyal to there master.

  32. Operation Agatha

    Bullmastiff wasn’t on that list?

  33. Mustafa Shulqamy

    You Forgot the Golden Retriever?!!

  34. Nestor Espinoza

    Great Pyrenees ✅ Amstaff ✅ Your missing the Bandog.

  35. Anthony Rivera

    What about a wolve dog

  36. Karen Mullen

    Giant Schnauzerr should be on this list. They like the boxer are so Velcro they are loath to go more than 6 to 10′ away from their master. They are great candidates for off- leash training because of their obedience and Velcro nature. They are very smart and love to please they can be a little stubborn but if you can make things interesting for these smart little buggers they will do anything you say when you say it both breeds are very instinctual and intuitive protectors and assessors of danger… rather like a GSD Chow Chow cross breed, which fixes all the inherent problems in both breeds. I’m talking aloofness, reactive barking, sociability, snapping, independent streaks/stubbornness, crooked downsloping backs, too straight back legs or crumpled back legs, hip dysplasia, and luxating patella all gone with this mixed breed. And longevity , my Tina lived to be 18 or 19 years old!

  37. Khanh Tran

    Dogs are very wonderful !

  38. Joby Sebastian

    what about dogo argentino there was a story that a dogo argentino saving ower from cougar and he killed the cougar and he surived

  39. 27dancelife

    Golden retriever & Brittany

  40. Lou Moon

    Had 2 pit bulls got hit by a car they bailed

  41. Carlos Ochoa

    Rottweiler The Best un show .
    Leonberger is a Nice loyal dog .

  42. The King

    Do top 10 best budget dogs.

  43. Ernst Schmatz

    Cane Corso is very loyal!

  44. Hildie Aleman

    Mini-pinché, my 3rd one characteristic smarts, loving, obedient, like to be a member of the family; which means they will do what you and the family does. Bodyguard & super territorial. He is small in size, so he can live in a apt. 17-18 pds. This is my special breed; Our dog “Ace Whiskey”.

  45. steve hansford

    Numbers speak volumes

  46. Salifya K Ngambi

    Great Dane dogs put them on the lists like Scooby doo and scrappy doo

  47. Sujai Nagendran

    Cane Corsa

  48. Nilima Nandi

    Belgian malanois

  49. Dance moms super fan

    Why is the border collie not here?
    And Labrador retriever s should be higher

  50. Diana Jaques


  51. Panayiotis Rousos

    belgian malinois



  53. Shaikh Nishat

    U forgot dogo argentino, I am unsatisfied🤬

  54. Spark Games

    I think a Newfoundland should be on the list

  55. Almondmilk 1

    My mom will get a dog for us one day a family dog

  56. Shane Chapman

    Dogo argentino

  57. Eternity_ _spy

    I’m finna get a doberman dog

  58. airjordan1573

    Forgot Malinois

  59. Serpil Vorner

    Yah I might get a great Pyrenees

  60. Maria Clark

    Dogo should be on the list too

  61. Keshav Perumal

    S ur true man😂👍….. i expected it in the first place 😍…….world’s best dog gsd😘😘

  62. Salifya K Ngambi

    Do more dog breeds that are loyalty

  63. # Coach2win

    Bouvier de Flanders?

  64. esake fikadu

    love it

  65. Dregeons Heart

    All the dogs r loyal and will protect u if well trained….it is humans who leave ur side in troublesome times…..moral – feed all animals but never feed a human

  66. Albania Wolf gaming

    Illyrian shepherd ?

  67. Melvin Chavers

    Doberman Pinscher
    Brazilian Mastiff
    South African Boerboel

  68. Koen 145

    Would a labrador retriever protect you if you get attacked or robbed?

  69. klodian troka

    Where is Belgian Malinois???🔥

  70. Lamond Secret


  71. Fabian May

    If u have a dog like this comment

  72. Kaleb Green

    Here are the top 10 slowest dog breeds for next video 10. Lhasa apso 9. Pekingese 8. Pug 7. Shih Tzu 6. Japanese chin 5. Chihuahua 4. French bulldog 3. English toy spaniel 2. Cavalier King Charles spaniel 1. Brussels Griffon

  73. Gregory Carlson

    This video does a great disservice to the Heeler/Australian Cattle Dog. Vets and professional trainers have said for years that these dogs are amongst the best at protecting their people; sometimes even charging in over a handshake or pat on the shoulder. Please correct your mistake!! This mistake makes me less likely to visit your channel again!!

  74. Kaleb Green

    Newfoundland and golden retriever

  75. Shoaib Uddin

    Can english Mastiff live in Hot weather and live outdoor

  76. D l reddy Reddy


  77. Shoaib Uddin

    Can Newfoundland live in Hot weather

  78. The story of why

    10. Great pyranes
    9. Boxer
    8. Labrador retriever
    7. Collie
    6. Saint Bernard
    5. Doberman Pinscher
    4. Rottweiler
    3. German Shepherd
    2. Bitbull , Amstaff
    1. Akita

    Thank me later 😉👍🏻

  79. vanessa squishy lover 107

    Omg I have a great perines

  80. sunandan 77

    pitbull is lovee🥀


    Wuw royal matador

  82. Abigail Robin

    my dog stands by my side
    and thats good

  83. Khadija Abdullah ELSabban


  84. Fenikkusu tsuki

    I like your Videos ❤

  85. free fire tricks free

    Super nice

  86. Sparsh Sharma

    U forget Rottweiler sir

  87. shrika lele

    First 🌟❣️

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