10 Dogs That Looked Completely Different Before
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10 Dogs That Looked Completely Different Before

It is a proven psychological fact that the majority of humans insist on owning fancy and beautiful things. We surely don’t shy away from wanting beautiful dogs too. This awful desire has caused most breeders to develop new dog breeds with desirable characteristics through selective breeding. These breeders may think they’re creating more beautiful dogs, but little do they know how much damage they are causing to the animals through the crazy effects of genetic mutation. In this video, we’re going to show you the TOP 10 dog breeds that looked completely different before selective breeding.

00:00​ – Intro
00:59​ – The Pug
01:36​ – Basset Hound
02:09​ – Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
02:48​ – Dachshund
03:13​ – English bulldog
03:52​ – The Bull Terrier
04:25​ – Poodles
04:59​ – Boxer
05:19​ – German Shepherd
05:45​ – Chow Chow
06:25​ – Outro

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26 Thoughts to “10 Dogs That Looked Completely Different Before”

  1. Burim Kzyeziu

    Love ❤️❤️👍👍

  2. Aimee Frosland

    I’m deathly afraid 😨 of chow chows!

  3. Kasper

    Before watching the video, I know the Bull Terrier has to be in here

  4. JRR31984

    That video icon image is no dam different than the dog from one hundred years ago, except the current one is healthier. Muscles and bones are filled in.

  5. Daniel Stans

    As a vet I have to deal with the disgraceful fashion for dogs by who owners think this is natural for dogs to look like this. I am constantly having to deal with ignorant money grabbing breeders who supply these animals, they are the biggest promoters of cruelty.. The Kennel club here in the UK is one of the promoters of these deformations and unnatural animals, it has been my life’s work to disgrace the Kennel club and to educate dog owners about the pain and suffering of breeds . By the way there is no such thing as as a pedigree only a working dog and a fashion dog. I would recommend anyone who wants a dog to avoid all these breeds and get a so called ” mix “.

  6. John Shepherd

    Most breeders of dogs recently recognized by the AKC have not been particularly excited about it because of their emphasis on show instead of field. Coonhound breeders really don’t care about looks as much as hunting ability. I had a 90lb Plott Hound that was not showable but would have prized as a hunting dog.

  7. Will Sherman

    One breed that has remained almost exactly the same is the American Pit Bull Terrier

  8. Its Wolf Miner

    Please make a video on boerboel vs caucasian shepherd

  9. jdefabs2112

    Every pure bred dog is the result of selective breeding. It’s if they’re bred for function or looks where health becomes an issue. Often show breeders don’t focus on function/ health as much where working lines focus on health and performance.


    Its really very very sad hear of this genetically changes of this beautiful breeds by humans they are suffering so much health issues in their lifespan which is already very less… OOoo god 😔🙏

  11. Hamster luver

    You spelt DACHSHUND wrong

  12. Big Jakk

    Is this a repost

  13. Makhan Shergill

    This me boy

  14. Makhan Shergill

    He caper

  15. Makhan Shergill

    Just cam to me

  16. Makhan Shergill

    Me too

  17. Ojay_ja

    First time being so early 😯

  18. Qasim Afham

    This channel is sooo underrated

  19. Justin Smits

    The sloped back of a gsh dog comes from how we train them to stand for shows. When they stand normally their back is perfectly straight.

  20. Mr Lovly

    I want a wolfdog
    Can I get a wolfdog

  21. Agata plays

    I love your channel and dogs I subscribed along time ago I love it

  22. Agata plays

    I love german shepherds

  23. tntironfist

    Bruh i want to see pitbull

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