10 Dogs That Can Survive Without Humans
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10 Dogs That Can Survive Without Humans

2020 gave us quite the preview of what it would be like to live in a movie, some type of dystopian apocalyptic pandemic one to be exact. Everyone got in a panic state of wondering if we’re all going to die. The silver lining of that nightmare was finding out that dogs are immune to this deadly virus. This raises the question: What would happen to our favorite furry friends if one day the entire human race was wiped out? Would dogs be able to survive in a world with no humans? Short answer… yes. Long answer… perhaps not all of them. So which breeds wouldn’t be affected by our demise?

00:00​ – Intro
00:39​ – Central Asian shepherd dog
01:16​ – Akita
01:54​ – Basenji
02:26​ – Shiba Inu
02:55​ – Korean Jindo
03:29​ – Chow Chow
03:55​ – Samoyed
04:28​ – Wolfdog
05:00​ – Alaskan Malamute
05:26​ – Siberian Husky
05:56​ – Outro

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23 Thoughts to “10 Dogs That Can Survive Without Humans”

  1. steelgator crimson Tide

    All large bee dogs are medium sized dogs absolutely no toy breed would survive

  2. Keith Gardner

    I think the Caucasian Shepherd!

  3. Burim Kzyeziu


  4. Rose Garza

    Catahoula cur also known as Louisiana leopard dog

  5. fuzie farshadi


  6. Raphael Martins

    Love your channel! Canadian Eskimo Dog / Canadian Inuit Dog!

  7. Paul -Wade- Hampton

    Strictly your list may half due but the mutt will survive best ! German Shepherd would be number one of all wolf like creatures however, they have more potential for doing hunting & for surviving in living / adapting even from the city, though the wild is easier for them, however yes the Wolf dog is perfect ! Beagle gray wolf mix was the bestest tough little survivor you’ll ever come across for 50 / 50 mixed hybrid naturally it’s all about hunting has a level head AND 99.99 % OF them have smaller hearts meaning longer living ours named spot” my dead uncle found back when he was alive in the wild one from a puppy & rescued it cos it’s mother & father wasn’t within 50 miles like somebody abandoned him ! So he took him in & that was it, ok he actually lived to be 28 years old every bit of 79 lbs pounds compact & sturdy strong & very smart a natural hunter & friendly, so let’s say humans came back long as they are puppies you wouldn’t have any issues with a good dog like that & I’ma say it, only some will with real hunting instincts in a city can actually survive of dogs period due to lacking certain ABILITIES to escape or to fight off pray & not knowing how to hunt instinctively, used to being feed & bread from that ! Just to be a house dog that has so many health conditions HOWEVER, HERE IS A RARE one, a dingo mixed with any dog around it’s size, type dog will survive actually especially well, they aren’t like the smaller con artist basenji but they sure can ward off larger beast personal experience”! As long as the dogs can take sever climate change not being used to being pampered by it’s owners like bull dogs dogo pits ECT it will actually serve ten fold amazing in the wild ! Especially with natural non cure like species of dog, that have the body for very capable to do extended periods of time in the wilderness without any help or in the city eating on no strictly STRICTER diets like most of humanity has breed most dogs the best Survival ones are scientifically proven are more specifically between 65 to 75 lbs pounds, Typically holding strictly 60.00 % of German Shepherd traits but not the strength & dominant size, & between 3 ft to 3 in a half ft tall in hight, being rather linky in awful city environments that is…..but they did try to take down alot of truth & science scared to offend absent minded ones who didn’t grasp science & logic & reasoning ! An on that reasonable note: I do hope all who exist take very good care of your selves !

    Respectfully, / Sincerely.

    Signed :


  8. Qasim Afham

    This channel is sooo underatted

  9. Fiifi Owusu

    Caucasian ovcharka?

  10. raccoon Wolf


  11. raccoon Wolf

    10 dogs that can survive withouth humans

  12. James Blanton

    Scent hounds can easily survive without humans they are better hunters than any dog you listed and are very tough

  13. kevin j. toner


  14. Samuel Kapesa

    A kangal is also a dog that can survive without humans because of how big their are

  15. Armane Devam

    Where is A Rottweiler

  16. Loc H Dang

    hey you’re look at me am I a dog or human being

  17. Elif Rasihhan

    Very good video but I think border collie, australian cattle dog,german shepherd and Belgian malinois need be in this list

  18. Ergun AKGUN

    Turkish kangal dog

  19. Donn dubhan

    The cimarron uruguayo

  20. Mica Frixie R. Rosas

    Hello Bro

  21. Suiryu

    You make quality vids man

  22. Rossella

    Helloooooo, beautiful video
    Greetings from Sardinia ( in Italy 🇮🇹)

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