10 Dog Breeds To Feel Absolutely Safe

10 Dog Breeds To Feel Absolutely Safe

According to researchers, safety is one of the most important needs of people after food and clothing. But according to them, this feeling is completely dependent on the external factor. Just like danger, protection also must occur from the outside in order to feel safe within. Some breeds have a high dose of self-confidence and are very alert and strong, their aura is so powerful that if you are in their presence they make you feel absolutely safe.

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24 Thoughts to “10 Dog Breeds To Feel Absolutely Safe”

  1. Julius Alston


  2. Burim Kzyeziu


  3. Shelby&Tatts Robinson

    Solid list

  4. marnabro

    Let’s not forget the American Bulldog either! Pound for pound this guy will never give up protecting his human pack. He is a compact mass of muscle and very athletic and don’t forget he has the jaws that once engaged will never relinquish their hold on whatever he has latched onto! He is loving and devoted to his pack. His intelligence and discernment are legendary. Think you can fool a bulldog into believing that you are a friend? Think again!!

  5. Dinu Pancescu

    This is a list of giant guard dogs (except the GSD).
    The rottweiler is too small for this list. This is the reason it is not mentioned. The same for doberman, malinois, pitbull, boxer, etc.
    Size does matter.

  6. Chop life crew

    I think you forgot Tosa Inu… there is a reason they are banned in many countries

  7. Akash A

    You forgot Doberman , Belgian Malinious , Presa Canaria, Bully Kuta ,Rottweiler

  8. Omar Opqhe

    and presa canario 👍🏻

  9. Jeff Fitz

    Where is Rottweiler???

  10. 🔥ShyFox Studios🔥

    What happened to Rottweilers

  11. Samarth Bharadwaj

    Where is the rottie??

  12. 8a A.Намсрай

    Where is Rottweiler


    Rottweiler also have to be

  14. Melvin Chavers

    Neapolitan Mastiff
    Fila Brasiliero
    Caucasian Mountain Dog
    Tibetan Mastiff

  15. WM

    Rottweiler, Pitbull belong in the group also…

  16. crazy facts

    Verry important vedio


    Most of the guyz r idiot all they say is kangal kangal… Bruh its an overrated dog I’ll go for South African mastiff or caucasian Shepard

  18. M

    You forget the presa canario

  19. APack




  21. Abraham Santos


  22. Jason S p u r l e y

    Real Facts.

  23. Muzic Zone

    No rotweiller darm

  24. Larry Ade

    I’ll go for Kangal everyday ❤❤

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