10 Dog Breeds That You Should Fear The Most
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10 Dog Breeds That You Should Fear The Most

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Dogs have long been known as man’s best friend. Canines are loyal and lovable, and they often provide comfort, protection and other services to their human counterparts.
However, they can also be dangerous.
Depending on the owner, and how he has raised and trained his dog, any dog can pose a threat. Even small dogs might bite someone.
In fact, chihuahuas sink their teeth into vets more often than any other type of pooch.
But certain breeds can cause greater harm, simply because of their size or the force of their bite.
Based on the damage they can do, in this video we have listed 10 of the dog breeds that you should fear the most.

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58 Thoughts to “10 Dog Breeds That You Should Fear The Most”

  1. Courtney McGraw

    I’m sorry, please don’t take any offense to this. But if I don’t say something is going to drive me crazy. You are pronouncing Malamute completely wrong. It’s Mela mute as in a mute person. That doesn’t talk not moot as an m o t e. It’s a mute like a mute person. Sorry, it was kind of driving me crazy there. Please. Don’t take offense to this. I’m not criticizing you or anything. A little pet peeve of mine. I apologize.

  2. SpellsYT

    Chow chow is underestimated and also where is the tibetan mastiff? Its stronger than the chow chow

  3. Brandon Henderson

    I wanna vomit when he says Akita “anew”

  4. Iasonas Strike

    German dogs 🔝

  5. 爪αhαᖇυdrα βαηηα

    Where is the father in power of all those dogs “The Tibetan mastiff”
    I have two tibetan mastiff and they all alone guard my all farm day and night.

  6. Kayla Kaa

    I own a Doberman her name Is Harley

  7. Real Police Talk

    Interesting I did some videos on which dogs are good for police work. Love the subject.

  8. Brandora

    This is a lot of misinformation and it should be deleted.

  9. Trixie 05

    This list is completely ridiculous!! I have been around most of these dogs at some point in my life and none of them were dangerous. Advice is, NEVER fear any dog. You should RESPECT them. There are far bigger and more scary dogs out there. I have owned Fila brasilaros, Brazil national dog, off and on for 20 years. They are far bigger and far more scary then anything here. I have never had any of them bite me or anyone else but they are extremely protective and have to be heavily socialized, as well as alot of obidence training. Female filas can weigh up to 125lbs and males 225.

  10. Khan Zada

    Bully kutta is most dangerous dog breed ever bred

  11. Michael Das

    … Ive owned a Labrador/ Frenchmastiff/ dachshund German shepherd and my German shepherd she was a gem … Easiest to train , intelligent , family pet … Nothing to fear – intact I’d go as far as saying that the breed can be a first time dog owners dream … Though got an American bully 4 months old now n he is a handful n a full steam engine – much more active than all the other breeds , …. Frenchmastifs are also really friendly but not as intelligent – loved them to bits n they will too as they are big couch slobbering bundle of joy …

  12. Nicki’s Daughter0

    I prefer the Dogo Argentino over these breeds a breed that rarely gets much attention.

  13. Erik Maya

    Some dogs shouldn’t on here such as malamute and chow chow but needed to add the pressa canario and dogo Argentino both powerful and much more dangerous than the two I mentioned above

  14. Siavash Aria

    Most dangerous dog in the world is Turkish Kangal

  15. Animation Rules

    I got bit by one of the dogs

  16. temur shamatava

    Dogo argentino?

  17. Mary's Experiens

    German Shepherd is my favourite! I have one and it’s my little angel! 💝🐺💝

  18. Alex Montoya

    Cho cho more like Teddy bear

  19. Jill Collins

    Shout Out from TEAM ROTTIE!!!!

  20. 100 subs??!

    The kangal and cane corso and wolf dog

  21. Paraschiv Gheorghe

    Cane corso

  22. Alex Fry

    You guys should do a competition between German Shepherd vs. Wolf dog hybrid or wolf dog hybrid vs. Pitbull


    Cane corso?

  24. rutontuton

    Fear mongering is not doing anybody any good. This is bogus!

  25. Reese Moore

    P.S I have an trained attack German Shepherd. Sometimes people say he is mean and some have mistaken him for a Wolf.

  26. Reese Moore

    They all are sweet dog’s it depends how the owners treat them. I ❤ 🐶 🤗

  27. Suzanne Brady

    No Turkish kangal dog ?

  28. Western Hunter

    Chow chow… Really?!
    Caucasian shepherd?
    Central asian shepherd?

  29. adeel khan

    I love german shepherd & rotwieler and once i was bitten by a bully kutta but thank god he was vaccinated

  30. Sanan Fazal

    The Japanese tosa inu is 150 pounds OMG its so crazy. But I would prefer German shepherds.

  31. Elizabeth70992

    My 2 Rotties and my German shepherd disagree with you. they are the most beautiful and sweet things on the planet so let me tell you that you are very wrong

  32. Rebecca Birmingham

    Love this. Fear is probably not the best word, but caution should be used whenever approaching an unfamiliar dog. Love how you emphasized training. Not all aggressive dogs are trained to be aggressive. The lack of training and socializing can also bring about an equally aggressive dog.

  33. Thomas Lowdon

    Any dog is as good as the owner who raised it.
    I have a pitbull who is stupid and soft as they come..
    Trouble is the size theyre real heavy n clumsy…dangerous ? Not at all .not mine anyway…

  34. timothy ademiluyi

    I feel like you just post the same things and word it differently, dogs shouldn’t be feared if trained properly!!

  35. Josh Fahrney

    I own a German shepherd who is my little princess. 💖🐺💖

  36. Josh Fahrney

    Every dog is amazing it’s the owners who make them Dangerous. 💖🐺💖

  37. SE4GI Tv

    German sheperd is the smartest dog

  38. Kebbe San

    What is about this channel and bullys….

  39. Acacia GB

    I love Pitbulls and Rottweilers😍! Hate German shepherds tho!🤢

  40. American G.D.A.

    The 10th, down to the 4th are wrong for this list!
    You’re absolutely wrong about these canines!
    They aren’t things to be feared.
    Maybe, you are the one always scared of Canines, and that’s why you FEAR Them!
    I have no fear in any kind of canines!
    Not One!
    Because I’ve had most of these canines as guards,
    Family Friends etc!
    So to me, None Should be even on any list!
    At present, I’m in close proximity to German Shepherd/Wolf Hybrids,
    Alaskan Malamutes,
    And another Dog which I haven’t found a name for it yet!
    All are loving and gentle Giants!
    So, for you to say, these canines are dangerous, is blowing over extended ideas, that they are in any way dangerous.
    When they aren’t!


    wow ty

  42. Enrique Martinez

    You shouldn’t fear you should be cautious when it comes to these type of dog breeds !

  43. BCOutdoorsman

    caucasian shepherd, should have been #1.

  44. prathamesh nikam

    Doberman is my favorite

  45. יובל רפאילוב


  46. Shawn Cooper

    We have a puggle and a mini whippet They will not let people come up to us or them and they don’t like kids and black people or Indiana and brown people.

  47. Abdul Raheem Arshad

    The rottweiler is the best

  48. The Storm Rider

    Chow chow is the best 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  49. Follereau

    Stupid episode

  50. LPS Rottweiler TV

    Omggdndndn yesss

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