10 Dog Breeds That Love to Work
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10 Dog Breeds That Love to Work

Some pups, like bulldogs, are born to be couch potatoes while others, like labs, thrive on being an active member of the family.

But what about working dog breeds — the type of dogs that have been bred for years to do a certain job?

What do they look like and how can they be incorporated into life with a family?

In this video we have listed 10 different working group breeds, and why they love having a job to do.

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34 Thoughts to “10 Dog Breeds That Love to Work”

  1. DMorris Morris

    Belgian malinois or German Shepard.

  2. Yolonda Lathon

    The Border Collie, Rottweiler and Great Pyrenees

  3. Martin Chavez

    wear is the German Shepperd tell me wear are they??

  4. Josh Nofflet

    Cane Corso
    Presa canario
    Dogo Argentino
    Tibetan mastiff
    Spanish alano
    Fila brasliero etc

  5. Warren Carter

    I think the Rottweiler should be in that because they are gentle with family and young kids at least mine were

  6. Matthew Pattison

    First of all is that I agree with a Siberian Husky because I have come across one myself and that Siberian Husky called Ke’yuesh and believe me he has got a YouTube account and he Literally speaks Like this is no joke in fact Ke’yuesh’s owner has got a YouTube account called Jody Boo and you can ask them anything you would Like to know about them and subscribe to them while you are there and Ke’yuesh has got a friend called Sherpa and Sherpa is a Alaskan Malamute he also has got a YouTube account and yes you guessed it he also talks make sure you also Look at his account and subscribe to him while you there also and feel free to ask him questions also speaking of which I think that Alaska Malamute deserve to be on this List also

  7. Big Boy Cochise

    The Rottweiler Love To Work Amazing Breed 💯👑👊🏽

  8. Έρικα Γεωργιάδου

    I think you should replace Standard Schnauzer with Rottweiler. Rottweilers are one of the best working dogs. I also expected to see Border Collie or Australian Shepherd or Australian Cattle dog. Anyways, great video as always!!

  9. Grug Crood

    I think the border collie should have been on the list

  10. Ringtea Bawitlung

    5:17 just as i thought
    Doberman pinscher very popular dog even in movie like UP

  11. Electra Cute

    I love my 4 month old Doberman! She’s my second Doberman and you are spot on! ❤️❤️

  12. Chrystal Sabin

    English Mastiff is my kind of dog.

  13. Eliel Pena Rocha

    Dogs 🐕 are my favorite animals

  14. Jenny Hitchcock

    I love the boxerdog are boxers good with kids.

  15. Alba Montes Paquete

    Great video

  16. soloclickads

    You had my favorite the Doberman.

  17. Briksák

    I like your channel but last time it is still the same and boring and 10x otherwise, the same and the same dogs and people etc. … sorry

  18. Игорь Миронов

    Только сибирского хаски понял. Я русский.

  19. Mariianna Munteanu


  20. Kaleb Green

    Don’t forget about border collies and Australian Shepherds

  21. Donald Dj

    Thanks so much for this video ….It was so good kept me focused the whole video 🙏

  22. Mathias Medrano

    i have a thai ridgeback dog

  23. gunnar woodhouse

    Honestly the fila Brasileiro should be put on here cause they were used for big game hunting and to chase run away slaves

  24. German Shepherd

    First coment

  25. ناشناس NaShenas

    I ❤️ Dogs

    Thank you ViralBe 🌹


    Dogo Argentina

  27. G00d-VibZz

    My friend has a bull mastiff that is bigger than his 6 year old cousin

  28. Raj Singh

    Rottweiler to man stop forgetting lol

  29. David David Jordan barros

    Tibetan mastiff

  30. David David Jordan barros

    I have.a

  31. kadah1108 tryhard

    I got a black german Shepherd and black labrador pit bull mix

  32. Varambu Vlogs

    Supper video

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