10 Dog Breeds That Can Defend You From A Bear
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10 Dog Breeds That Can Defend You From A Bear

We share many of our provincial parks with bears. Bears are extremely sensitive to human disturbance and activity. Avoiding an encounter is the best way to protect both yourself and the bears. Usually, bears charge or attack because they are feeling threatened. In rare cases, also a bear may see a human as prey and stalk you along a trail. In these cases, try to escape into a building, car. If you cannot escape and the bear charges, use your bear spray, lacking that, use anything at your disposal to fight off the bear (rocks, sticks, hiking poles). But what if you have your dog with you? they will try to help you, (very safe) but it depends on the breed how and how much they can help. In this video, we have listed 10 dog breeds that can and will protect you from a bear until their last breath.

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63 Thoughts to “10 Dog Breeds That Can Defend You From A Bear”

  1. Robert Bignell

    What about the central Asian shepherd, ( alibia)?

  2. Steven Mckechnie

    Hungarian Komondor!

  3. AnimalSphere

    My Cane Corso dog saved me once from thiefs 🙏 I’m really greatful for having him in my life!

  4. Enrico Maraggun

    A pitbull

  5. Dread Medz

    NO AKITA???!?!

  6. Maria Garcia

    Idk I used to own a german shepherd and he protect me from all different type of animals

  7. Vernel Clement

    Here we go from dinosaurs dogs

  8. Cease Miller

    I would’ve liked to have seen the American Akita on this list.
    He’s as capable as most other breeds listed here

  9. bela czako

    In the clip there are several massive and powerful breeds of dogs listed, but among them only a few would give their lives to defend a flock of sheep, the Bucovina shepherd, the Carpathian shepherd, the Mioritic shepherd are among the breeds of shepherds fighting the brown bear from Romania even in 2021!

  10. Ivan Kekovic

    Pit bulls

  11. bela czako

    In Romania there are 3 breeds of shepherd dogs that exist on the territory of this little known country (Mioritic shepherd, Bucovina shepherd, Carpathian shepherd), these three breeds are found in sheepfolds and goats in the Carpathian mountains where there is the largest population of brown bear from Europe, here they have the role of defending the bear or wolf sheep there are many cases in which the shepherd fights to the death with the bear defending the shepherd and the sheep

  12. Nikola Branković

    Did you hate Sarplaninac/Jugoslavian shepherd?

  13. Johnny Cash

    A yo i just got my first male German shepherds puppy two days ago.

  14. Renad Khaled

    What about German shepherd

  15. Walt Meussner

    My presa canario wouldn’t hesitate a second no doubt in my mind, she might get killed but wouldn’t even think about it just attack

  16. Mara Gutiérrez Sánchez

    I have a Caucasiano, he is great

  17. Colette Philcox

    The bull mastiff for sure should be on that list.

  18. Suaresu

    No akita inu I mean they were bred to hunt bears specifically

  19. the gamer

    You are my favorite YouTuber 😁

  20. Ang Penn


  21. James Dean

    Dogo Argentinos are the most powerful dog OVERALL when you factor in endurance, agility, strength, and bite. they cant be matched, are low and muscular when compared to the taller breeds(bigger target) think Mike Tyson destroying giants with devastating power. Dogos should be number 1. I’ve seen them ruthlessly outlast all the breeds on this list consistently. There is a reason they are banned in over 30 countries.

  22. John Shepherd

    My preferred defense against an aggressive bear is a 1911 chambered in 10mm loaded with either Buffalo Bore hardcast or Underwood Xtreme penetrator copper solid.

    Where was the Plott Hound. They are bread for bear hunting. Any dog is going to lose a stand up fight with an adult bear. Plotts and other bear hunting breeds use speed and agility to pin the bear without getting into stand up fight. They generally will only get physical if working in a pack.

  23. Jon Doe

    I need and want a Cane Carso these are the most intimidating dog too me

  24. norberto moreira

    I adore the rottweiler ❤️..10 truly awesome breeds there. I’m surprised the Japanese akita wasn’t on the list however. Great video!

  25. Jamie Benitez

    My boxer she is so loyal she doesn’t listen to anyone else in my family but me and we like to go out in the Hills almost every single day in her own way she likes to heard my cousin’s horses there’s only two horses but she’ll never leave my side no matter what I know her

  26. JRR31984

    Awesome video. Just in case, type of animals.

  27. David

    I think german schebherd meyby I dont know

  28. Justin Navarro

    German Shepard or Doberman?

  29. jordon blackwood

    I have a Rottweiler a bull mastiff and a dogo argentino.Who wanna come visit me 😈

  30. Will Archer

    I think you guys should but more then ten sometimes on your list.(just suggesting not hating)

  31. david gladson

    Germen shepherd

  32. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    Are there any dogs for first time dog owners of 2021

  33. Rituraj Guha

    U just forgot our indian mastiff

  34. CallMe DaRwiN

    Choni Brakam

  35. Jayzon Charlton

    I can’t believe they did not say german shepherd ☹️☹️

  36. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    Dog breeds that can defend you from intruders and threats

  37. dina rego

    You missed an Indian dog called tangkhul hui. They look like karlean bear dog bot are little taller and heavier.

  38. Dobie Elias

    Fila should be here

  39. NuKez Agar

    i accidentally ate my cat

  40. atharav mehta

    Bully kutta

  41. Gleyver Rivera

    The true apbt would gladly take up on this list

  42. CRUSHER 21

    What about pitbull

  43. Harsh Singh1

    My 3 favourites in a single video – Rottweiler,Cane Corso & Dogo Argentino

  44. Raphael Martins

    Hey, Your channel is great, I’m a big fan! Surprised that the Pyrenees Mountain Dog & Estrela Mountain Dog didn’t make the list since literally that is what they were breed for (Bears, lynxes, wolves, boars etc.).

  45. Priyansu Mishra roll 35 ,class xii h

    French mastiff,tosa inu , english mastiff,american pitbull,indian mastiff or bully kutta

  46. Langalibalele Siyabonga

    Boerboel is the General of mastiff

  47. Langalibalele Siyabonga

    Dogo Agentino looks like gigantic white pitbull

  48. bujjibabu kankanampati

    Tibetan masstiff’ the king of dogs’ is first

  49. smart auto service


  50. Elif Rasihhan

    And bullmastiff can defeat a bear

  51. Elif Rasihhan

    Can you do border collie vs australian shepherd or border collie vs australian cattle dog or Australian shepherd vs australian cattle dog


    Answer:No dog can defeat a bear. Impossible. Bears have been recorded to weigh as much as cars. There are breeds like dobermans, dogo argentinos, caucasians, gsds, etc that will JUMP at a bear. But once they jump, they are mauled by the bear.

  53. Patricia Sandoval

    the siberian husky or a malamute can protect you from a bear atack too

  54. A.K Karadeniz

    I’m writing without watching the video. If there is no KANGAL in the video—- diss like

  55. royalty_risin538

    Really no german shephered

  56. Dominika Korczynska


  57. Dominika Korczynska

    First comment

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