10 Dog Breeds That Are Good With Babies
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10 Dog Breeds That Are Good With Babies

Young couples often start out with pets before bringing tiny hoomans into the world.
While many pups transition easily into life with babies, others find it difficult to share their homes with a pooping, screaming bundle of need.
In this video, we have listed the 10 dog breeds that are widely considered to be good with babies.

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32 Thoughts to “10 Dog Breeds That Are Good With Babies”

  1. Saundra Perry

    I would name the dog leo

  2. Flower Plums Toys

    I would name that dog baby

  3. Jill Collins

    Why wasn’t I on this list!!(SHOUT OUT from TEAM Rottie) ! 🙂

  4. Alison Conover

    Bro why wasn’t American Staffordshire terrier or pitbull on this list Or German shepherd German shepherds totally deserve to be on this list German shepherd

  5. Alison Conover

    My cousin’s golden retriever hates Their child London they just had a new baby but they hate Them so much she will go wherever she’s not going

  6. The Muradzikwa family

    I would name that puppy Ruby

  7. K Blank

    I would name that puppy Piper

  8. Caidon Vasquez

    why wasn’t German Shepard on the list, they are so good with kids! 🙁

  9. osmar duran

    I will name him bule

  10. Wolfie dove Lobita feliz

    My cousin is my best friend I say but people don’t know that my cousin is actually a dog and she’s a collie mix so yeah oof…

  11. Donn dubhan

    Pitbull and Dogo argentino

  12. Lucas Escalera

    Glad to see poodles and labs on this list. My dog is a labradoodle and he is very gentle around children.

  13. Oranjmuse Meyer

    I would never recommend a Collie around young children! I know several that have ended up in rescues because they bit children in their own family. I personally saw a Collie ripe a hole the size of a golf ball in a 3 year old little boy’s cheek- he required extensive surgery to have the chunk of flesh reattached, skin grafts and later on cosmetic surgery. He was the family dog and been around both of the couple’s children since their births.

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  15. Matthew Pattison


  16. Eglė Šimanskaitė

    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  17. Gaming Joker


  18. Natalie Carson

    I would name the Dog Sky 🌌

  19. Nikunj Rath

    are you kidding me where is the german shepherd !
    c’mon viralbe

  20. Dylan


  21. Victor Vilhelmsen

    I would call it Clint

  22. gizze mo

    Where is the French bulldog

  23. Big Boy Cochise

    Wait A Minute Where’s The Rottweiler!!


    I would have named that cutie as MOONIE as he has a moon symbol

  25. Isabel Sánchez


  26. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, 0:20 What would You name this beauty?

  27. palm rap

    And first viewer


    First viralbe.💗

  29. palm rap

    First comment

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