10 Cute Animals And Their Dark Sides
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10 Cute Animals And Their Dark Sides

Pets and animals have become such an important part of our homes and lives, that some even have their own Instagram Accounts. How does a cat/dog have more followers than me!? Okay, understandable! But how much can a picture really tell? We all have our dark sides, don’t we? In this video, we’ve listed 10 cute animals and their dark sides that we need to know.

00:00​ – Intro
00:37​ – The pygmy Slow Loris
01:08​ – Owls
01:52​ – Hedgehogs
02:19​ – Sugar Gliders
02:48​ – The platypus
03:18​ – Koalas
03:41​ – The Red Panda
04:20​ – Venomous Snakes
04:50​ – Lynx cats
05:22​ – Dingoes
05:55 – Outro

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  3. Aniket Gaikwad

    None of these as pets….they are better off in their own habitat…..

  4. steve hansford

    Leave the wild . Wild!

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    dingoes are cute,they look like my dog too!

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    I would like to keep a Dingo as a pet

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    Well public ,What’s your favorite animal in this video ?

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    Cute video 😍


    Nice video.

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