10 Black and White Dog Breeds
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10 Black and White Dog Breeds

In the world of dogs, there’s so much cuteness that even attempting to rank levels of adorability would be a futile task.
And though all dogs are beautiful in their own way, there’s something special about black and white dogs.
Perhaps it’s because they match a monochromatic aesthetic so well, or maybe it’s the way their black and white coats look so simple and classic, but whatever it is that draws the eye to black and white pups, there’s no denying their cuteness.
In this video, we have listed the Top 10 Black and White Dog Breeds.

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37 Thoughts to “10 Black and White Dog Breeds”

  1. lisa moos


  2. awsume life

    Can you make a video called most beautiful Russian cat breeds

  3. Simar Atwal

    do black and brown dogs next

  4. Margret Dietermann

    Springer Spaniel?

  5. Patricia Fletcher

    You should do a vid.
    chocolate dogs 🐕 and dark brown dogs 🐶

  6. Patricia Fletcher

    And the husky too

  7. dog lover

    for sure my fav was border collie the most smartest dog ever

  8. Frank 1300

    great danes and kids do not go well i got bit in the face

  9. Chrystal Sabin

    Great Dane hands down.

  10. Ruth Carrillo

    The Great Dane was my favorite one

  11. Ruth Carrillo

    Supercar Showmanship

  12. Alexia & Jordan the Aussei

    I think Border colli

  13. Emmanuel Blades

    yh hukies to

  14. Joy diary

    Tonight Japan is the rainy season. It is interesting that there are many dogs. Take care of your dog🐶🏡

  15. Tanmay Garud

    Dogo argentino are also white & plan

  16. Life on two wheels

    Dalmatians 🖤💐

  17. Recep Tayyip

    Black dog ia much better than black men 😂

  18. յմՏԵ յҽՏՏ Եհҽ ɑƒԵҽɾӀíƒҽɾ

    What about goldendoodle

  19. Abdel Sm

    Viva morroco

  20. Caleb Corbitt

    Border collie


    🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻ruko zara sabar kro

  22. Srinivasan Aravamudan

    What is your next video and when is it

  23. Boss blitz

    Ummm excuse me. You forgot the most Obvious one. Husky.

  24. Shoaib Uddin


  25. Peterson Kennels

    Neither was favorite.

  26. Melvin Chavers

    Great Dane

  27. BOSS King

    Where is stabyhoun dog breed bro

  28. The story of why


  29. Xanxabuxaaa

    If you dont do a video cane corso vs german shapherd

  30. Ja bonmun

    i’m not the first =(

  31. Peter Harper

    I really enjoy your channel keep it up.

  32. Jeiner Digueros lainez


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