10 Beloved Dog Breeds and the Fascinating Origins of Their Names
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10 Beloved Dog Breeds and the Fascinating Origins of Their Names

Apart from their given name, a dog’s breed is undoubtedly what makes them unique.

Everything from defining personality traits to their physical stature can be determined by a dog’s specific breed.

Although the origins of most breed names are speculative and a bit ambiguous, many dog breed names could have fascinating and even heroic origins.

In this video, we have listed 10 Beloved Dog Breeds and the Fascinating Origins of Their Names.

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32 Thoughts to “10 Beloved Dog Breeds and the Fascinating Origins of Their Names”

  1. John Sayo

    Rottweiler 😍
    German shepherd 😍

  2. shelly baker

    My top 3 dog breeds

    Rhodesian ridgeback
    German Shepard

  3. Mayank Kapoor

    Thanks again guys for my dose 👍

  4. Ang Penn

    White German Shepherds!!! ❤❤❤

  5. Elsanricky Balgoma

    Nice dog’s thanks for sharing GOD BLESS you

  6. Robert Law

    Dalmatians. Bar none.

  7. Raz Miller

    Imagine getting pinned by viralbe

  8. Hamza Waqas

    German Shepherds are my favourite/The best dog breed.
    Like if you agree.

  9. joseph Espinal

    Chow chow is so fluffy and cute and protects their owner

  10. Jeannine Guenther

    Border Collie

  11. Britta Kriep

    Some notes from Germany. Today rare, but perhaps twenty years ago you could find old people, who called the Rottweiler ,Metzgerhund’, the German Sheppard/ Deutscher Schäferhund , Wolfshund'( wolf dog) or the Boxer , Bullenbeißer’ ( bull biter). The Rottweilers old task was helping the butcher or cattle trader to drive (?)/ treiben the cattle. Guarding the butchers or traders money, cattle was formerly an expensive thing. Also once butchers, up to interwar years, used a small wagon, pulled by the Rottweiler to deliver (?) meat and saussages to their clients. My father ,82 now, knew an old butcher, now passed away. This man told , that when he was a teenage butchers trainee/ Lehrling he had to deliver meat with such a Rottweiler pulled little wagon. Suddenly a deer ran out of the forrest, the dog noticed, i am a descendant of a wolf, tried to follow the deer, the little wagon fell and the saussages lied on the ground. Today for tradition reasons some butchers still have a Rottweiler dog. The Dachshund is in Germany also known as Dackel or Teckel. In swabian region of Germany, where i live, Dackel is an insult for not so intelligent persons, one day the older brother of a friend called him ,Dackel’, and my friend, the younger brother, answered: When i am a Dackel, you are a Dachshund!

  12. Carron Gates

    Staffordshire bull terrier

  13. UnkleCreepy75

    Cane corso my Roma is a wonderful beast

  14. Big Boy Cochise

    Love Those Rottweilers 💯👑👊🏽

  15. Brecht Vandoorn

    the papillon is also a great one to do

  16. tin's storytime

    I love the chow chow

  17. suraj yadav

    That was a booring list

  18. Elizabeth70992

    Rottweiler ❤️

  19. Victor_ Banera

    Imagine getting a like from viralbe ❤

  20. Kang James

    Dogo…but the Rottweiler is a close 2nd then the Husky/Pitbull

  21. Vernon Mccullough


  22. kevin kahembi

    I’ll choose Rottweilers anytime anywhere 🖤

  23. Tusshar Trivedi

    Whose favourite dog breed is the Golden retriver

  24. Dragon Lord


  25. Animal Tube

    Great job! Great video

  26. Raz Miller


  27. Jasmine Wilson

    I love dogs

  28. Ebbe Bergman

    Good video. Can you do top 10 nordic dog bereds.

  29. Nicole on EQ

    Dogs are so amazing 😍

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