10 Animals You Should Fear The Most
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10 Animals You Should Fear The Most

We’re used to movies showing sharks and blood and screaming as the terrifying factor to a species. And indeed, the idea of being fatally attacked by an animal is a gruesome one, but which species are most likely to kill you? As this list will now prove, deadly doesn’t just mean big teeth and a heavy growl. In this episode, we’ve listed the top 10 Animals That You Should Fear the Most.

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12 Thoughts to “10 Animals You Should Fear The Most”

  1. Its Wolf Miner

    Please next vid should be Boerboel Vs Caucasian Shepherd

  2. Pamela Anderson

    I agree. Humans are without a doubt the most dangerous animal on earth—probably the only animal deriving pleasure out of torture and that frequently kills without reason.

  3. Maireg Kibru

    One must sacrfice to seek salvation. *snaps fingers*

  4. Gabriel LoPeZ

    Not surprised by number 1 on this list, like WAKE UP PEOPLE WE’RE GONNA DIE IF WE DON’T GET OUR SHIT TOGETHER

  5. Sai Pittalwar

    Mind-boggling video👀

  6. Melvin Chavers

    Cape Buffalo🐃🐃🐃

  7. beefcake

    I highly appreciate number 1

  8. jackie b

    I hate mosquitos and all flies. Also ticks and fleas and all types of bugs like that.


    999999999999999% this guy is watop

  10. Zu Astroboy

    Isn’t this guy from WATOP?

  11. Naveen Elango么

    ig i should say this “2nd”

  12. Greenbraltar 69


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