1 Year of Training My Dog Stay in 1 Video
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1 Year of Training My Dog Stay in 1 Video

How to train stay! Here is an entire year’s worth of training stay to my dog!

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110 Thoughts to “1 Year of Training My Dog Stay in 1 Video”

  1. port Cherish

    think we could talk for a whole day straight , wish time wasn’t a factor. I want to say thank you for doing everything you do, your patience and passion is so inspiring (beyond words now). the amount of time, work, energy you put into doing all of this, thank you so much for making these helpful videos.
    I wanted to share something that you may or may not know about, in my experience this has been a game changer but it may not work for everyone. I have been training a VERY “food motivated” dog. First i will ask her to sit/lay down/stay and let her see that i have set down a small treat near her. If she leaves it alone she gets a separate treat. I tell her to leave the treat alone and proceed giving various commands. I usually just practice an extended “stay” and try to see how but if i walk my dog to another area she will remember that the treat is still there. Always giving EXTRA treats for as long as she continues to listen and leave the treat she knows about alone.
    For me personally this has been the first sort of “stepping stone” to playing the game we all know and love called “how long can i get you to pay attention and listen”. It’s hard to explain so many concepts with so many words but I hope that anyone reading this will think about this approach and maybe help me to explain or brainstorm ideas.
    Thanks again Mr. Zak George.

  2. Glitch Man

    Inertia from smol poppi to big doggi 🥺🥺🥺🤗🤗🤗

  3. Cristine Montpetit

    So I finally understand the meaning of Inertia’s name from your intro, sent chills down my spine so so beautiful ❤❤

  4. Chase Zappala

    You are so good I have a new puppy got him 2 weeks ago I wish I had you at my house

  5. Sky&May

    I love this channel, I am getting a dog soon and he has told me everything I know

  6. Judy Weikum Benson

    Thanks for showing how you started training Inertia!

  7. Wies Brone

    You helped me out so much with your videos

  8. Emma Dealey

    I’ve been looking forward to videos like this!

  9. Brandon Clarke

    I’ve watched so much of your content that I feel obliged to pay you. Where can I pay you at? And what’s the best product that I can get from you?

  10. Mikayla Fulper

    What is wait versus stay? Or is it used the same

  11. The Hobbyist Named Statik
  12. Carina

    I watched the series from the beginning and I am SO PROUD of Inertia!! She is the best dog ever. Right after my own dog, who isn’t as perfect in training 😀

  13. Annie L

    wow 2 videos in 2 days this like doggy haven!

  14. xXBright WolfieXx

    We’re using solid gold too! 😮

  15. Advaith 6.2

    Ur Amazing

  16. runningrock124

    I have a 4mo old GSD and he is doing great! Thanks Zak for these super informative and fun videos! Have been following since then, and went back to Inertia’s beginning videos! for young puppy training.

  17. viktor valeur

    Hey Zak! Thanks for another great video, please keep them coming! 😀
    – I have a question regarding the chicken treats that you always have used throughout many of your videos. How do you prepare the chicken? Do you boil it, if so for how long, and is it just pure chicken breasts without hide? and how long can cooked treats stay fresh in the fridge?

  18. Creative Diamond Dogs

    First time I’ve seen a dog go from 8 weeks to what she is now. Its been great!

  19. sudhanshu pathak

    Best video if all time

  20. 1K subs with no video

    No one

    Dogs:making our life wayy better

  21. sports center

    challange: try to train a cane corso

  22. mindfruit

    She thought you were trying to shake at 11:02 haha

  23. Reverse Droxxzy

    Love the vid

  24. Lobr 10

    zak ive been a fan for a long time and wanted to know if u have a good dog breed for beginers

  25. felinejackson

    I would love a video on how you chose Inertia (how to choose the right puppy in a litter for you).

  26. Bill Rand

    for gods sake people please please take advise from a balanced trainer not this idiot

  27. Noah & Atlas

    Why use stay as a command when you could use an implied stay? My dog is not allowed to break a stand or sit or lie down until I give him his release word. I personally use stay as an emergency/on-a-dime command, or a verbal marker to reinforce the behavior when I know he may be susceptible to break a stay (like standing on my bed ready to launch himself off when I walk out the door).
    If he breaks a stationary command, I correct verbally and bring him back to the same spot. So I don’t have to keep saying “stay” to make sure he does, he just simply doesn’t move from a position until I give him the okay to.
    Free shaping is wonderful to help with this!

  28. Alvaro Lazareno

    0:05 Zak went zoom!

  29. Kiwee

    getting my puppy in two weeks, you and inertia have been a lifesaver. can’t wait to train my own best friend ❤️❤️

  30. Sachin Nikam

    Ur not showing in detail we getting bor to watch ur videos

  31. Jackysutarrodetierra

    This video was more clear and informative than others of the series, which in my opinion touched too many topics at a time sometimes. Recorded explanations played over the video really add quality and clarity, good work guys!

  32. luke muscat

    Thanks so so much

  33. Kwanele Sithebe

    You are really helpful

  34. Brielle Joy Smids

    I am a bit confused about how many treats to give during a day of training . The internet doesn’t give a straight answer . Can someone help in anyway ?? Thank you !! ❤️

  35. shani MAE

    A few months ago I watched his videos and then I decided to stop watching his to bet that he’ll have a million subscribers, and it turned out to be true😀!!!

  36. Brielle Joy Smids

    Ok , so very soon I am getting a dog , and am researching about training and have found Zak . Now he is my hero 👌

  37. Matthew P

    These videos are so helpful

  38. The_Secret life Of border collies

    Please reply 🥺🥺💖💖💖 I love ur vids it would mean the world! 🥺🥺🥺💖💖💖💖

  39. *_n i c o l e_*

    Hey! Love your videos, and inertia ❤️ What dog breed would you recommend for a really small house? I’d love a golden retriever or a border collie, but I don’t have the room…
    Thanks x

  40. SG LEET

    Thanks for always sharing useful tips 😍

  41. Brielle Joy Smids

    I challenge everyone , go through this video of recaps , and look how dope all Zak’s shoes are !!

  42. VI- -ROS

    Hey Zak,I wanted to ask you a question but not here,let’s do it on Face book messenger,on Facebook messanger,my Name is Kwadwo Ansah please go there

  43. Ingrid Edisen

    so logical!

  44. Julia Abdalla

    I just got a puppy and I love ur videos. They really help! I have been watching ur videos ever since last year and Inertia has grown so much and is very well trained. Good luck on ur upcoming journeys!

  45. Tania C.

    Hey Zak ! Still watching your videos ! I loved this series 🙂

  46. Brielle Joy Smids

    Zak , this is the best series ever !! It never gave old !!!! Your shoes , the intro , inertia , just real life training !!! It is so great !! Thank you soooooo sooo much !!!

  47. Natosha Nichole

    These videos have made ALL the difference in our adoption experiences of both our dogs. I can’t recommend these videos enough to people. ❤

  48. 10,000 subs With no video’s

    Woah she has come so far 😀

  49. Dc Sims

    Wow this is very helpful😃

  50. Gaurang Sn

    I’m second because everyone is first 😂🤣

  51. Liselotte Svenningsen

    I AM happy not to be the only Crazy human in the world 🤣

  52. Brielle Joy Smids

    Who thinks Zak is the best dog trainer ?? He always shows his setbacks which is great for us who deal with real life circumstances!!!

  53. bugbug C

    omg shes so cute i sometimes go back to your first videos just to see baby inertia

  54. party track


  55. Dhinesh Balaji

    Loved your dance to distract inertia..😍

  56. CasualPlayz

    Who noticed the squirrel behind him 13:14

  57. Daily dose of YouTube

    Omg I’m early I Love your videos Zak!!

  58. Jessica G

    Are you just giving treats to encourage the stay or are you giving the stay command repeatedly as well?

  59. The_Secret life Of border collies

    Omg I love ur vids!!! 🥰 this is going to be sooo helpful when I get 2 border collie pups in 2 weeks 🥰

  60. Valeria Sarangova

    we had a scary encounter yesterday with my small dog. we went for a walk yesterday evening and were playing fridbee on a long lead (she is still a puppy so I dont fully trust her off leash). A woman came up and started calling my dog to her “come here” she continued to do so for 3 minutes persistently even after I told her that I dont want my dog to approach. I told my pup to stay and she did so! Thanks to you Zak these training videos of yours are very helpful!!

  61. arjun gv

    hey i really appreciate your dog training style
    but I want to know the breed of inertia
    so that I can buy the same
    please help me

  62. Maxi Schaller Cotran

    This is great

  63. Animal Art 9

    Inertia is just the cutest thing
    She’s so smart and sweet 💕❤


    Can I get one like

  65. Pixellia

    Me: *sees thumbnail


  66. de mekkertjes

    This is so amazing I learn so much from this

  67. Teagan

    Hey Zak loved this video, my puppy is currently 9 weeks old and she is such a handful (I swear I haven’t slept in days lol) this dog training experience gives me great hope to keep on pushing and to stay calm!

  68. Nada Halawa

    Her eyes are so special, keep up the good work

  69. JetFNM

    Very inspirational

  70. Maria Harrison

    I love Inertia shes so amazing and talented!!!! I want a dog so bad C:

  71. Suresh Kumar

    Fan From INDIA 🇮🇳 Thank you for your knowledge…

  72. Anwajeet Jena

    Luv u bro
    Thnx for every vdo
    My dog has learned a lot

  73. moiya narara

    Hey Zak I love your videos they help so much, but I wanted to ask if a golden retriever would be harder to train or not?

  74. Yordan Stanchev

    I love you

  75. CuddlyBubbles 69

    I just realized how cute inertia was!!!>

  76. Avery Colbert

    I love the video…she has leaned soooooo much though the year.

  77. CuddlyBubbles 69

    I wondered when this was gonna come!

  78. Zach Shirkey

    My dog is a bull dog and he’s really wild and won’t listen, got any tips?

  79. Jareth Grimes

    Thx zac you have allways bin the person for me to go to for dog training but one thing I see alot of the same video’s so this is great puting it all in one episode you should do this alot more often

  80. Jesus kun with a gun

    Thank you for preparing me for my puppy 🙂

  81. Blaze varghese

    She has learnt so much in one year

  82. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Hey Zak, did you see my comment on the other vid? I hope my grandparents dog will recognize me!

  83. Theresa Peterson

    I’m planning on getting a dog after quarantine ends (which i hope will be soon) and im so excited!!!
    thank you so much for making these videos! these are my favorite

  84. Ayoub Nasr

    I wait for these vids so long I love this channel😂❤️

  85. ᴏᴜʀ ᴅᴏɢs ʟɪғᴇ

    This helps so much

  86. Nada Halawa

    Love your videos!

  87. Power Full

    Hope I am not too late
    I’m excited for the puppy biting stage evolution video

  88. hi hello

    Oh it didint

  89. hi hello

    This just came out lol

  90. Gloria Granderson

    Could you make a video about socializing an older dog with people?

    Also your shoe game is ON POINT

  91. Felicity For Now

    This is awesome look at her she is the cutest dog I we ever seen

  92. esake fikadu

    i love it i was wating all day

  93. The North Mist

    Inertia! She’s a Border Collie, right? Am I just bad when it comes to dog breeds?

  94. CuddlyBubbles 69

    Yes things wont always go smoothly

  95. Iwona Helinski

    U are an amazing dog trainer!!!

  96. Manon Armand

    Omg seeing baby inertia after getting used to her at 1 year old is such a throwback, but I’m not complaining she was the cutest 😍

  97. Abigail Connors

    This is great for my dog! Thank you!

  98. CuddlyBubbles 69


  99. Shirley Goodness and Mercy

    yay thank you

  100. Pixie 0009

    You need to make your mind up which food is your favourite this vids sponsor or last episode?

  101. Sarah Akers

    0:06 NOPE my puppy would run and chase me and drag me to the ground 😅

  102. Finlay Brock

    Great video I’m so close to 300 subscribers can anyone help plz

  103. Louise GUILBAUD

    hey zak inertia is adorable and i’ve been following your journey since the beggining so now i know all the training tips thanks so much keep up the good work !

  104. The story of why

    Being a science YouTuber.. i can tell this channel is so underrated.. this should have 10M subscribers. Great information ❤️

  105. Beryl

    ı do not have dog. What am i doing here

  106. Ri Dhan

    You suck bro

    I’m just kidding , have a nice day ur great

  107. The Animal Pack

    Hi zak!

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