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 Do you agree? 

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8 Thoughts to “ Do you agree? ”

  1. Cruzan9

    I for one am loving the series. Keep up the good work, guys!

  2. kavita deva

    This series is my favorite. I appreciate when you keep it real. I’m training my 2nd Service Dog. He’s amazing, however he’s brought new meaning to stubborn. So watching YouTube channels about training dogs where they show everything is going perfect is not helpful at all and it’s not real life. Keep it real you guys because it makes training easier not harder. Thank you.

  3. catherine barth

    Yes! This is exactly what I need !.your videos have been great and helpful !

  4. Melissa Mansfield Wesley

    Realistic advice is where it’s at! We so appreciate it.

  5. Sawdust

    Don’t get much more real than the current episode!😂👍🏼Agree that training in real situations is great!🐶

  6. Lindsay’s Weight Loss Journey

    I love that its in real life. Your videos are perfect

  7. Lourdes Sanchez

    I agree. I mean, I would think that most of us watching live an ordinary life, in the real world. We take our dogs places, we need to work around noises, smells, house moves, rude neighbors, young children who don’t understand boundaries, local wildlife and sometimes unpleasant relatives who don’t like dogs or don’t know how to behave around a dog. Realistically, shit happens in an ordinary life, there are surprises, there are potential risks, etc. So what good would it do to learn about dog training in ideal, aseptic circumstances only? Bree and you are right, in my opinion 🤷‍♀️ I really do hope I just expressed myself correctly here, English is my second language 🥴

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