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Siberian Husky Reacts To Electric Training Collar | Will It Stop Digging??

Training My Siberian Husky Using An Electric Dog Training Collar. How To Train Your Dog Using A Shock Collar. HOW TO STOP HUSKY FROM DIGGING. Obedience Training My Husky. Dog Reacts

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My channel is for educational purposes only, I feature dog behavior if you can’t handle that DON’T WATCH. Just like dog parks. Enter at your own risk.

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155 Thoughts to “Siberian Husky Reacts To Electric Training Collar | Will It Stop Digging??”

  1. joey ramone

    Kim Karnes would be rolling in her grave

  2. OSRS Fiend

    He called his dog an “It” in the title 🙁

    1. Janola Bleach

      Well, it IS a dog.

  3. ShadowTheDemonWolf77

    The fact that you think dogs are dominant creatures and are constantly trying to dominate you is such an archaic thought. Dog behavior specialists have proven that dogs are not “dominant” animals and teaching them using aggressive and dominant techniques is a recipe for disaster. The proper word you are looking for to describe a dog like your husky is ‘stubborn’. Dogs have proven to thrive through positive reinforcements. Consider actually doing some research and talking to a real dog behavior specialist, you’ll be surprised on how wrong you truly are

  4. yootoob

    Euthanization is the best dog control out there. Guaranteed! If it does not work, you get your dog back.

  5. Jzg King

    This is one of the best video I’ve seen, I just bought a Dr.Trainer Dog Training Collar for my German shepherd. This Training Collar has auto retractable and will not cause irritation to my dog’s neck. Also I can record my voice to the system, I can use my voice recording to train my dog, say goodbye to the traditional beep sound for good. So far it seems really effective. All I do is pressing the voice recording button to correct my dogs behavior. We hardly have to use the shock setting.

  6. Soraath XV

    Zap em in line

  7. Captain Glitch

    I’m pleasantly surprised at how informed you were with the collar. Most people have no idea how to use one, even with a manual.

  8. Little Wolf

    Thats rude

  9. Yair Ben Tzion Strauss

    This is so mean

  10. Tiny potato plays

    My frined had a dog left the button a random hooman clicked it and the dog almost died

  11. Sam Bee

    Garfield: “A Shock Collar? That’s inhumane!”

  12. Kim Jong-un

    I use a tazer

  13. Hardlee Theyer

    I used to be opposed to using this sort of training device but recently I have run into brick wall with an aspect of training my cane corso, he loses it when people, certain cars, people riding bikes, and just about anything else gets near my car when we are out together. For one reason or another, the training I’ve used with my 2 older corsos, training that was very effective with them, is not working him.
    I’m hoping that the shock collar will be an effective means of correction where conventional methods have failed me. It definitely wouldn’t be my go to technique. I would solely reserve its use for difficult problem areas in training.
    Growing up I had two horses. The perimeter fence of our property was electrified. The horses learned very quickly. One or two zaps and they wouldn’t get any closer to the fence than about a foot away.
    In my experience dogs are at least as intelligent as horses so I’m hoping my dog learns very quickly with the shock collar. No one likes the idea of zapping their dog.

    1. DieselsWorkshop99

      @Hardlee Theyer What percentage of dogs eat their owners then. Also its not a false equivalency, you might want to look up what why word means. Nice fallacy claiming that because i haven’t owned that specific breed that i cant call out abuse. You have yet to make a valid argument without some form of fallacy being your attempted reasoning.

      “The responses outlined the reasons why pet owners may use these electronic collars, including wanting fast results, they tried it on themselves and it didn’t hurt much, they think the risks are lower in the long-term than other alternatives, and that they are cheaper than hiring a dog trainer or behaviorist.”

      “As a rebuttal, The study’s authors provided scientific evidence to counter each of these reasons
      Human skin and dog skin are vastly different, which can cause the shock to feel much more intense to a dog”

      Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Slovenia, Scotland, Sweden, Wales, and some parts of Australia all currently have a ban on electronic collars for dogs.

      Pure ignorance at its finest. There are many more studies i can link that disprove your claim. Ill wait for you to provide me the link on the percentage of dogs that eat their owner.

    2. Hardlee Theyer

      @DieselsWorkshop99 It’s not charged language. In the case of the breeds of dogs I work with it’s an accurate description.
      You’re drawing a false equivalency between beating a dog and and a painless zap. I would describe the sensation as a penetrating buzz. It does not hurt. I wore the collar myself and had my wife trigger the shock on the lowest and highest settings. Even at the highest setting I wouldn’t describe the sensation as painful. In the end, I never had to come anywhere close to the highest setting with my dog. He was never in pain. Beating a dog creates a connection of pain and fear between you and your dog and other people. Using an ecollar responsibly does not inexorably link the consequence to you as the trainer but rather to the undesirable action itself.
      An ecollar could be used to abuse a dog but so could many other training implements.
      I was initially opposed to the idea but like I said, it has proved extremely effective when all else has failed.
      We were very close to the point with this dog that the dangers outweighed the benifit of having him. The risk of an insufficiently trained corso can be extremely high, yes, even life threatening.
      Have you even seen a cane corso in person?
      Even if you have, unless you have owned a dog like this there really is no comparable experience and
      until you have worked with dogs like this you probably aught to reserve your judgment. My guess is that it would likely change your mind.

    3. DieselsWorkshop99

      @Hardlee Theyer it commands attention because it uses fear and pain as a motive. Nice false and charged language btw, making drastic comments like “dogs could eat you alive”. Even you know its wrong, that’s why you have to use radical language like that. It doesn’t matter if its not your go to, its still horrible. Then you claim (keyword there, “claim”) that you are against using fear and pain to control dogs.

      Next time save yourself the 3k and when you fail as a owner/trainer just beat your dog till it listens, and its ok because drastic, unnecessary, lazy, and cruel methods are fine (well as long as its not your go-to. ;).

      Its never a valid “last resort”.

      Edit: “Command”–give an authoritative order/dominate (a strategic position) from a superior height.

    4. Hardlee Theyer

      @DieselsWorkshop99 Yes, I was under the impression the ecollar would be painful but Ive since purchased one and tried it on my self. It’s not painful. It simply commands your attention. You have to understand, when you are dealing with a dog that is fully capable of literally eating you alive at it’s whim there are certain last resorts which must at least be explored when the dog hasn’t responded to other forms of training. Look, I’ve spent nearly 3k in prof training on this single dog alone. He unlike his brother and sister has remained obstinate and in some regard is still highly reactive. It was never my intent to use the ecollar as my go-to.
      I have since used it, used it extremely sparingly when I did and it has already solved the problem.

    5. DieselsWorkshop99

      @Hardlee Theyer I know. That was the point of my comment. Using pain and fear is a valid way of training a dog.

  14. Hardlee Theyer

    Does the collar sound and vibrate at the same time it delivers a shock? If so, the dog would associate the vibration and sound with the shock and consequently , the shock wouldn’t always be necessary.

  15. Richard Saner

    I’d rather have a dumb dogs in do that to my dog

  16. krishna tiwari

    But y have shock option…aint thats the question…just imagine using shock collar on children…its so fuckibg wrong

  17. Stefan Obermair

    Is this asshole actually shocking his dog???

  18. Helping Small Youtubers Get More Subscribers Show

    *no just no* who agrees?

  19. Random dude

    Stop stealing fucking custom grow 420’s Youtube style. Not that it’s any of my business but I find it always questionable when people can’t come up with their own unique shit.

  20. Superfighterleo


    I feel uncomfortable with a dog’s wang at me.

    1. Superfighterleo

      @Bob Ross Why again?

    2. Bob Ross

      Then you should get help.

  21. Joe Skinner

    If you shock your dog you deserve to die

  22. JK - 04DG - Springdale PS (1438)


  23. Faze Rug

    That’s f up whoever thinks that’s right you are straight up evil

  24. British Lifts

    Shock collars are evil
    If you use them on your dog you are cruel

  25. Rylan Tayman

    OMG I thought u heart the dog

  26. Râinbøw Playx

    And hurts me too 😨😰😢😢

  27. Râinbøw Playx

    It hurts him

    1. RockU

      No it doesnt.
      I use e collars on my dogs, and yes I tested it on myself.

      My ecollars go from 1 to 15. Its hardly even noticeable from 1-3. And doesn’t start to get uncomfortable until 8 to 10.
      My 3 GSDs that I use these use the settings 4 or 5 depending on the dog.

      If you ever used a tens unit, that’s is kinda what it feels like just not as intense

  28. Râinbøw Playx

    Do not dare you to do that

    1. Shelan ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ

      Wolf Alpha Im done anyways have a fun “life” on ur computer lol

    2. Shelan ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ

      Wolf Alpha ok so your telling me that this training device that can save a dogs life is STUPID. Some dogs need more than just saying a command then they listen. Like i said before “some dogs are bread to be independent” meaning they need a little boost of encouragement to help them learn. Also like a said before “would you rather have a distracted dog run towards a busy road and get hit by a car, or have them get a reminder that lets them know to come back”.

    3. Râinbøw Playx

      im streaming so stop

    4. Râinbøw Playx

      @Shelan ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ both of them stupid

    5. Shelan ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ

      Wolf Alpha how? I just explained that it doesn’t hurt when used correctly. What do you think hurts more? A vibration or getting hit by a car!? Please educate yourself on e collars before you hate on them. E collars and SHOCK collars are different.

  29. Taylor Clark

    Just out of curiosity are you in Riverside? This looks like the Frisbee golf park by the Santa Ana river trail.

  30. PhoenixJGrey

    Very efficient training method. Doesnt hurt the dog at all you nerds.

    1. PhoenixJGrey

      @Jamie Wu thank you for this info. 🙂

  31. Kavari Burgess

    I have one of these I have 170 pound Rottweiler and this does nothing

    1. RockU

      Then you didn’t put it on right. I should be pretty tight, and and side of the neck, not on the throat

  32. Feels

    I’m buying one this week. My dog breaks down a board in my fence and escapes every day. I can’t repair the fence every day it’s ridiculous. I’m gonna get one and use it on myself to know how it feels, then give it to her.

  33. sav.c03

    Wheres DA RAT!!!!😂

  34. Sky Fox Of Chaos

    When he was putting the collar on DID SOMEONE SCREAM?

    1. Random Asmr

      Sky Fox Of Chaos that was a car…

  35. Mari Brizard

    Jojo siwa whooo

    1. ThaliaMsp Perez

      Mari Brizard idoit

  36. Amber Driesse

    Thank you for actually being educated on e collars. There is so much unnecessary hate for these training devices due to people using it incorrectly/being ignorant.

    1. DieselsWorkshop99


  37. Ginger The hamster!

    this is animal abuse! stop chocking him! i hope you can feel the dogs pain, YOU CAN HEAR HIM CRY FROM PAINESS!!

  38. knee grr

    You sound like Robert Alawi.

  39. AndroidWith NoSickTricks

    So your not gonna put where you got it from in the description but everything else??

    1. Kamen Petkov

      Hey buddy. You can buy it from me. I sell electric collars.

  40. Akkio Moon


  41. Johnpaul Deguzman

    You should try it to yourself

    1. AndroidWith NoSickTricks

      Chill out…you do it

  42. Syncro Van

    My Lucky, love to pulling me on with my wheelchair, since it was just a puppy. Now, we have some issues, probably related to the fact that He feels like a leader.

  43. ListenToMai

    All owners should test the shock option on themselves prior to testing on their dog. I have a husky and his training has gone really well using only the vibrating and sound options. Shocking your pup should only be used as a last resort. This guy is using it way too much. Negative training techniques begets negative behavior.

  44. Niya Draws

    Dont shock your dogs please

    1. AndroidWith NoSickTricks

      You’re not a dog expert when it comes to training so stfu

  45. Niya Draws

    This is just cruel

    1. Jeni Wolf

      Cruel? That dog didnt whine, not once. Hes perfectly happy and showed no signs of stress.

  46. TomaVlogs/videos

    Hey would you like to have a shock every time you do something huh😠

    1. Tucker Boyd

      TomaVlogs/videos fuck off

  47. シFrosty


    1. G3ck 0

      @Faith M. Delivering an aversive stimulus to a dog while the same behavior can be trained using positive reinforcement/negative punishment is some kind of abuse. The human chooses to ignore half the facets of operant conditioning to focus on the ones where the dog has to avoid pain.

    2. Faith M.

      Minty Oso you should go educate yourself before you call abuse, ignorance at its finest

  48. A google user

    You should not use a shock collar u should using treats and positive reinforcement

    1. AndroidWith NoSickTricks

      It’s not a shock collar you idiot…

    2. Josh Honea

      Well that’s some dumb shit advice. Positive when they do something you ask, shock when they do something you don’t. It’s simple. Eventually they will get to a point where they don’t need it. But what’s important is when you shock, shout a “key word” like “no” or whatever then they’ll associate that word with the shock and eventually you will only need to say the word

    3. Faith M.

      Sophie Louise people yea you go try that with a husky and come back here and tell me how it goes

  49. The Dopamine

    Would this work to teach him to drop the ball when fetching

  50. Border Collie Husky cross - Shaun

    BAD video…..You cruel Bastard !

  51. n A k E d P o T a t o •ツ

    Bless yo-
    Oh bless you double

  52. Furry lps Wolfy Dukey

    Nooooooooooo don’t use shock mode please

    1. Furry lps Wolfy Dukey

      Well kripto is a good boy

    2. Furry lps Wolfy Dukey

      TheAndroidWith SickCoinTricks why

    3. AndroidWith NoSickTricks

      Shut up

  53. munmun hazarika

    Beat the dog…… Man this is slow torture

    1. Paokhi

      The dog has fur you know. The dog can barely feel the shock

  54. Frank Richardson

    I agree with BitterTeeth, however the unit he is using, in my opinion, is severely outdated, as of May 2019. I recommend this unit.

  55. Exquisite By Loy Sheker

    What was that long leash you have? Where can i get them

    1. Exquisite By Loy Sheker

      KzE_Production ok will look for it. I bought a hot spot remote trainer and wasn’t sure if the contact points would work through his thick furry neck. So I tried it. Nothing. Didn’t work. Was about to return it then I thought hmm maybe I make it tighter and shove away the hair. Then we went to the park and went into the tennis court closed the gates. I don’t have that least yet. I clicked on vibe nothing. I clicked on Shock at 16 omg I almost cried. He yipes shrieked cried. How foolish of me. So I followed what you did. One command for the day. Come here command. He does well with a one second shock on level 3. Although hr was scared he hesitated to come near me seeing the remote. It worked well on command though i had to hide the thing. Next day though he didn’t want to run anymore. I had to play chase to make him feel comfy i also rewarded him with the youre free go run. Or go rocky when he obeys.
      Now how long do i need to do this.
      When can i move on to next command.
      I wonder when will I be able to walk with him side by side no leash.

    2. KzE_Production

      I have a video on making it it’s a longleash

  56. Exquisite By Loy Sheker

    Hi. I have an American Akita. I bought the Hot Spot remote training but the contact point too short and has no compatible prongs out there.
    Please let me know the brand you bought.

    1. Isabela Pandora

      Cut fur around throat were remote goes tightening ! I a german shepherd long coat/ siberian huskie it works all e collars. The same!

  57. MTRX 2010

    man that’s a strong ass dog.

  58. UKPurplePanther

    He hasn’t even got the dog sitting on command…. he has to say sit several times, and the dog is not keen to obey commands. 👎🏼

  59. Jesus Jesus

    I don’t u should me showing ur dog animal abuse I’m calling the police


    Stop testing it to dogs u know they will get hurt

  61. The Boogie Crew

    Who ever likes this video then they hate animals because he is abusing his dogs.

  62. michyx lopez

    u should get dog care

  63. Jzg King

    I purchased Dr.Trainer dog training collar. the e collar has auto retractable will not cause irritation to dog’s neck. This function I’ve never seen before from other brand. Also I can record my own voice to train my dog, say goodbye to the traditional beep sound for good. and the security keypad lock prevent any misoperation on the remote.

  64. Joe Alers

    Beautiful dog! Looks like mine

  65. barrelracer 21

    If u live bye a road to where your dog can run in the road and get hit by a car I recommend a shock collar I have two dogs they both have a shock collar on and haven’t gotten hit by a car nor in the road at all and if you take the collar off to charge it I would put them on a Long Leash and hook it to a tree or wherever

  66. Jesse Locke

    I have never heard anyone say “piss” more times than I did in this video. Good video though.

  67. k n

    Dogs learn better with shock collars and barely feel it because of the fur dogs feel less pain than other animals.

  68. Jason Howell

    Don’t worry crypto there coming buddy! If your reading this buddy just know there coming!

  69. Jason Howell


  70. Jason Howell

    Crypto was doing nothing wrong though.. why shock him he was being good sitting quietly

    1. G3ck 0

      @abi sangster It is an aversive stimulus (aversive means a stimulus that would be avoided given the chance). It is then negative for the dog. If it was not the dog would not work to avoid that stimulus.

    2. abi sangster

      Jason Howell it’s a stim not a shock so is like tapping him rather than a shock, not negative for the dog

  71. Bomli Koyu

    Shocking dog’s and other animals should be banned. The beep and and Vibrator seems fine as it doesn’t hurt them.

    1. ListenToMai

      Completely agree

  72. AmericanTurkey Burger

    Please tell me what harness you are using for your beautiful Husky?

  73. donavan tissa

    Its button not budden and important not impordent

  74. Mason Corpe

    You called the dog it

  75. xiam19

    You just need to beat him to half dead to show him who is the boss😉 All this negotiations are not working.

  76. Black Loving Cat

    Your hurting him!!! Poor Husky..

    1. Explore Wyoming

      Hayleigh’s Life Plush Huskies oh well 😂

  77. Mauro R

    These things don’t even shock much. Those party drinking games that shocks the last person to press a button are worse than these collars. I know because I’ve tried one just to see if it was really cruel or not. It’s not.

  78. Brandon Napier

    You probebly wouldn’t like the shock collar on you. you stupid idiot. shock collars on dogs is evil and cruel and not thoughtful. it hurts them duh and you could care less. stuff like that deserves jail time and a shock collar on your neck to see if you like it.

  79. Adam Velasquez

    What kind of harness do you use on Krypto? I love it! Please let me know. My Freya who is a husky needs a new one.

  80. xXfirewolf 24Xx

    I feel sorry for the husky

    1. xXfirewolf 24Xx

      Cuz my dream is i get abused Like that :v but i hope the husky is not get damage

  81. Mercury M-7

    Can we put training collars on snow flakes? “SJW’s”

    1. ShadowTheDemonWolf77

      You mean like you

    2. Ronel Delariarte

      YEah and put it on 1000 volts XD

  82. carlos bolanos

    I had to chase my dog today , huskys don’t listen stubborn !

  83. Caitlyn Marie

    My dog just perks his ears when we shock him. It probably needs to be on tighter idk

  84. Who Am I

    You should work on your voice while giving commands to your dog as well as your body-language. While you told him to come towards you, you started to early to give him positive feedback… you talk a lot of BS

  85. Charles Gregory

    Are you serious putting a dog collar on your dog I think the dog should be clean it on you this makes me sick I am appalled I am so sick I wish I could put a collar on you and shock you I hope the dog knows how to use remotes

    1. Ronel Delariarte


  86. Catherine Foster

    That’s so mean you don’t know how it feels and the dog is probably in pain so I’m a hater for you so yeah I gave you a thumbs down

    1. Ronel Delariarte


  87. Nicola Zagdanska

    See an e-collar doesn’t hurt your dog if you use it correctly. He didn’t bother with vibrating he was just curious. A lot of people like to test these collars out and compare how the dog feels however what they don’t keep in mind is that a dog has way more hair on their necks as well as skin therefore the effects won’t be the same. If for example a human feels 7/10 (1-low, 10-highest) a dog will feel 2/10

  88. Nicolas Antezana

    Poor husky

  89. Nathanael Torres

    Abuse stupid guy

    1. Ronel Delariarte

      Uneducated person 😉

  90. Gabe

    I came from Maxmoefoe

    1. karol wojtyła

      Me too lol

  91. Absolute Monarch

    Beautiful dog, 🙂

  92. The

    I advise anyone testing these on dogs to test them on themselves first

    1. Iris the Service Dragon

      Before I put anything on my dogs it goes on me

    2. The

      Duolingo Owl test it on your hairy balls then

    3. Paokhi

      Dogs have fur, the fur makes the shock barely painful

  93. Matt Harden

    Turn it up and shock that bitch

  94. Blue Rage

    These shock collars really do work with dogs with behavioral problems…our dog did a 180 and now has manners. Can also save lives…for instance the dog that chases cars, or the dog who wants to eat the family bird. One shock and they do a complete 180. My view however is that if you’re going to put it on your dog, test it on yourself.

  95. surenoble

    Rather have rounded prongs on my neck than with a needle in my side because some positive only trainer said I was untrainable and aggressive when their methods failed.
    Good going. I’d recommend shaving part of his fur for the collar to go because that makes the shock much more effective and lower levels can be used.

  96. Leonard Castro

    Will 100 volts kill a dog? Asking for a friend

    1. Lucky Cooper

      Maybe on a smaller dog, way smaller

  97. mike mike

    I got a lot worse than shock discipline as a KID and I turned out just fine. “Within reason” and proper usage, shock collars aren’t hurting these animals.. good grief. What we need is to bring back whipping a kids A$$ and there would be less people in the future talking about these “cruel” collars. Hahahaha.

  98. Ale ღ

    Hi, I have a Husky male and it never listen to another. And is’t free in the curtain. Always it jump to the neighbor’s curtain. It’s ok for him to buy someone? And shock him when he jump to neighbor’s curtain?

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