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Living with and Training Multiple Dogs – Podcast Episode #63

Living with and training multiple dogs is a topic that I’m asked about occasionally so I decided to dedicate an entire podcast to it.

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How do you train multiple dogs living in your household? How do you maintain structure and balance when you bring a new dog home? What if the dogs don’t get along? AND… what do you do when you get a new puppy and want to introduce your current dog to the new puppy?

I address all of these questions and more in this podcast. You’re gonna LOVE it!

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11 Thoughts to “Living with and Training Multiple Dogs – Podcast Episode #63”

  1. -1- -11-

    Dude the prices on the visionary pet food are insane. $100 for a 22 lb bag?? That’s almost $5 per pound. I will buy friggin steaks on sale for cheaper and feed ’em to my imaginary dogs

  2. sharman collins

    Could not agree More …..I always say ” I am Number one ” not my dogs …

  3. Donald Dj

    Mr Robert, I Just love everything you saying , I believe everything you’re saying, You’re very authentic….. your love and passion is More then money too me, And you’re videos are FREE!!! 🐶🐾🐶

  4. Karen L

    Thank you Robert super podcast once again lots of great information in there

  5. oliver warmflash

    Love the beard!!!!

  6. Milena Taylor

    It took me a minute to realize that this episode is not the live episode. Haha. I though it was the same.

  7. EDWIN Entertainment

    I made a video I my dog sitting

  8. Mrstree 65

    Thank you, Robert! I introduced a puppy to my home with a current dominant and dog-aggressive older dog. Side-by-side crating, feeding and complete oversight on interaction was imperative for a successful and simbiotic relationship.

  9. Sepehr Bagheri

    Love ya

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