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Everyone thinks their dog, is the BEST dog. Designer breeds, small in size, big, floppy ears,
or long snouts, we all have a preference, but how different is yours from everyone else’s?
In this video, we have listed the 10 most popular dog breeds in Canada for 2020.

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  1. Carl Stevens

    The thumbnail is the same as the banner for the IKC (Irish Kennel Club) website.

  2. Eddie Figueroa

    The mutt they live longer

  3. Duke Murphy

    Are you sure your list is accurate?

  4. Matko Talić

    Mutt is a breed? Hahaha

  5. In the name of My Father

    Make bestdog breeds in sweden and then Kazakhstan for ebbe bergman and IRBIS-gaming and they commented you for that

  6. In the name of My Father

    I really enjoyed it cause im from Canada and my favorite dog breed on this list is the german shepherd cause they are loyal and hard working.

  7. Pierfrancesco Tancredi

    My favourite dog breeds are the bulldogs, terriers and all of mastiffs

  8. Shubhodip Halder

    My favourite dog is German shepherd

  9. Diego Rodriguez

    German Shepherd are the best breed in the world let’s go 🥳 💪🏻

  10. Sulay Roblox

    my favourite dog breed is either douge de Bordeaux or samoyed

  11. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    I love mutts

  12. Jeanette Degiulio

    I own two Cane Corso’s. They are not for everyone. They are a tough and one of the oldest breeds. The molosser war dog of Italy. I absolutely love them.

  13. Naveen Kumar

    Labrador retriever ❤️

  14. Jon Astrope

    Italian mastiff (Cane Corso) is by far the best dog breed in every category except agility when compared to breeds like a Belgian malinois.

  15. Ebbe Bergman

    Top 10 dog Breeds in Sweden. PLS

  16. IRBIS-Gaming

    10 most popular dog breeds in Kazakhstan,Please make a video

  17. Matthew Pattison

    My favourite dog breeds are German Shepherd Dogs and Golden Retrievers

  18. sourabh s

    Which dog is more powerful scariest English mastiff bully kutta great dane

  19. Yoko Kurama62

    My fav is now 1# mutts are great.

  20. Melissa Brown

    I would love to have a mutt. I had one when I was like 10 and I loved him a lot.

  21. Reinaldo Lopez

    my favourite dog is german shepherd greeting from Paraguay 🇵🇾

  22. AraAra1234

    No Newfoundland. 1/10.

  23. tarek karam

    I love you from egypt

  24. The Animal


  25. helena guadalupe

    First 😌

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