My dog ​​just ate a cob of corn! What should I do?

Does your dog Just eat an cob of corn? Dogs are naturally curious, especially about foods that smell and taste great! As omnivores, they gleefully eat a variety of foods that are offered to them or accidentally dropped or left out of sight! One common thing stolen from a grill or empty plate is a corn on the cob. Still with corn or not, these are usually warm, sweet, and can be covered with butter. They are a very attractive target for a dog. Unfortunately, they also have a notorious reputation for causing problems for dogs. This is because they

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Dog Training

Crate expectations: everything you need to know about crate training

Whether the dog you bring home is a puppy or an adult dog, they will need some time to adjust to the new environment. One of the best ways to make this adjustment is to designate a space that can be used as a safe haven-if your dog feels overwhelmed or just wants to take a break. The easiest way to create this space is to provide a crate for your dog. When properly set up and used, the crate can not only be a place for your dog to choose to rest, but it can also protect your puppies

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Parties, dogs and fireworks

If your dog is scared of fireworks or becomes scared at large gatherings, there is no need to stop the party right away – with a little time and attention, you can help him stay calm and happy through the evening. Whatever the occasion, here are a few tips to make sure your dog is having as much fun as you are! Dogs and fireworks Your dog may not like fireworks as much as you do – and who can blame them? Loud, sporadic noises that have no obvious source can be scary and confusing, especially when used to quiet.

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